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Part Two: 26 Photos to Inspire Your Photography Passion!

Me Ra Koh

Welcome to Part 2 of the Orange County CONFIDENCE Workshop!  Today is a post FULL of inspirational photos!!  Enjoy!!

To give you a little background, on Day Two of the workshop, we have a Family Photo Shoot.  Several families volunteer their time so that our attendees can get some great practice without the pressure of it being a “real” shoot.

I like to start by having one of the families be my example, and then I walk the ladies through every decision I’m making from my camera settings to brainstorming creative ideas of how to tell the family’s story.  Sometime the kids have the BEST ideas!  (Angela! Thank you so much for the moment below!)

Together, we get our camera settings set and then the workshop ladies have a chance to shoot along with me.  It’s always a BLAST as creative boundaries are pushed right and left!

Meet one of my favorite little girls!  She is such a sweetie!!!

And every little girl deserves the right to twirl!

The California beach and sunshine is so WONDERFUL, especially at sunset.  But that would be way to easy!  🙂  So we up the challenge and take the ladies out in the sun when it’s right over our heads.

I don’t want to have a perfect lighting situation because as photographers, we so rarely have perfect lighting-perfect any thing really!  This way, the ladies gain confidence in learning how to meter, capture rim light,

deal with harsh sun and so much more!

Be inspired as you scroll down and see what these ladies captured!  For many of them, it was their first time shooting in Manual Mode–but they ROCKED IT!

I’m also so excited for you to see the people they captured!  A handful of the moms who brought their families took our CONFIDENCE Workshop in San Diego three years ago.  Some of them have gone on to pursue portrait businesses, and wow, they are doing incredible!  The family above with that sweet little girl, is Rhonda Kane’s family!  They drove almost six hours to come and be with us!  What a total honor!  (love you Rhonda!)

Now comes inspiration from women just like you and me!  Enjoy!

Lacy Edwards has a great eye!  I love that she captured this fleeting moment of baby between mom’s legs.

Does anyone know who shot this next photo!  It’s such a great different take on that exact same moment!  I love that we have a sense of how small this little one is with mom’s boots on either side.

Lacy also captured this of big sister.  Look at those beautiful EYES! The lighting Lacy is awesome!

These first four families are all women who have attended the CONFIDENCE Workshop.  It was wonderful to give them the opportunity to be on the “other” side of the camera.  Susanne–gorgeous photo of you by Angela Ray!

These next two are by Rose. I love the unique angle and persepctive that Rose had with both photos!

I mean Rose!!!  This shot below could be the cover of a kid’s catalog or magazine!

Michelle Meiner, this photo is just lovely.  LOVELY!  I love how the little girl is looking right at the camera but the little boy is watching sand fall.  Mom looks soft, gentle and a presence that brings peace to her kids.  Way to not only meter this shot, but great job on giving each person freedom to express their own feelings.

And Melisa Navarro captured this shot of father and son!  Wow!!  Look at those eyes!!  I love the soft, muted feeling of the whole image.  So incredible!

Roxie from CanvasRox came with her two sassy, beautiful twins!  I love what Portia Harris captured of Roxie’s daughter!  Portia, way to meter that amazing sunlight on her hair!  You rocked this girl!

Look at the sweetness that Amy Barnes captured!

One of the things I love most about children is their dozens and dozens of expressions–each one being so genuine and authentic to who they are.  Robin Fuehrer did a couple in a row, and I had to show you the diversity.

It’s expressions like this that family’s treasure for years to come.  Wonderful job Robin!

Laura Falcon!!  I love the composition of this shot.  I love that you allowed for lots of empty space with all the sand because it draws our attention to his sweetness that much more.  Great job!

Samantha Jones, our ROE winner, did some great work with Rhonda’s whole family!  Way to shoot into the sun GIRL!

Jamie Backlin captured this priceless, sweet moment of Rhonda and her daughter.  I LOVE it.  It says L-O-V-E all over it!

As the workshop ladies are experimenting, stretching their own creative boundaries–lots of emotions run through them.  Sometimes they are so overwhelmed with fear that we wonder if they also recognize how much fun they are having.  You know how it can be so intimidating to step out of your comfort zone–all you are aware of is that fact that you are not the most comfortable–and yet, joy is their too.  Joy is impossible to hide when we are following a passion, no matter how uncomfortable or challenging it can feel.

Just to prove it to you, Brian walks around and collects evidence!  🙂

Had to do this last one!  Couldn’t resist!  🙂

This next part is so vital.  When you follow your passion, you often venture into a land that is unknown, unfamiliar.  You wonder if you are lost.  You wonder if your passion is true.  All these feelings can make you want to run the other way. But before you do, pause.  Close your eyes and let yourself sink in to your creative spirit.  Yes, there is fear and uncertainty.  But can you also feel the joy–the joy that comes from a creative spirit who is set free to be adventurous!  Imperfections, mistakes, stumbles, all the above will happen.  But silliness, laughter, reward and more passion than ever–also waiting.

Proud of you ladies!  The joy on you is BEAUTIFUL!



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  1. Tammy Snyder says:

    Beautiful work ladies! Love the the little girl between her mom’s legs.

  2. Debbie says:

    Beautiful pictures… these workshops look like soooo much “FUN”..
    New “relationships” being made and built.
    And confidence in being “all” that we can be..
    Someday.. I am going to be in one of these too!!!
    Great job ladies…

  3. Rhonda says:

    Ladies (especially MeRa, Samantha & Jamie), I’m crying as I read this post. Thank you soooo very much. You don’t know just how special these images and the time we shared with you was. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  4. billy king says:

    Nice, so very human…you are doing a good thing!

  5. Michelle says:

    Love these! Amazing that these women were able to get shots like this shooting in manual for the first time in that bright sun!

  6. Me Ra! How delightful to see April’s flowing hair shining in the sunlight! Thanks for posting that lovely image.

    You are an amazing coach and teacher – I am inspired by watching others start glowing because of you!

    Roxie (that CanvasRox girl)

  7. Me Ra! How delightful to see April’s flowing hair shining in the sunlight! Thanks for posting that lovely image.

    You are an amazing coach and teacher – I am inspired by watching others start glowing because of you!


  8. Me Ra says:

    Celebrating all of you women is such a honor! You should all be super proud of yourselves, and just think, your creative journey has only begun–so much more goodness to unfold for all of you!!

    Roxie and Rhonda, not only love you both but LOVE those kids of yours!!

    To Billy King, thank you for stopping by. Your work is just incredible. It’s a honor to have you here this morning.

  9. Rose says:

    Thank you MeRa! It was a wonderful workshop; but I’ve said that before! It’s good to revisit remember that weekend. There were some incredible ladies in attendance.

  10. Oh Me Ra, you are killin me!!! I am feeling so emotional, happy and grateful right now. So many of these women are now considered friends and we try and support and inspire each other just as you support and inspire us. We had such a FUN weekend together and I HIGHLY recommend your workshop to anyone who wants to take better pictures and feel empowered and great about themselves! THANK YOU again!!!

  11. Looks like it was an awesome workshop. Love how you made it difficult with the light

  12. Delanae says:

    These photos are all so great!

    @Rhonda… where did you get that FAB-O sweater! Love it!

    I can’t wait until you blog about the Seattle Confidence Workshop Me Ra!!!

  13. Charisse says:

    These images are beautiful! You ladies rocked it. The confidence workshops are always so amazing.

  14. I don’t know who took the picture of the little girl between her mom’s boots, but I know the feminine boots belong to Tessa, and that cute little girl is Baby Genevieve!

  15. Rhonda says:

    Ha ha Delanae, I think it came from Chico’s.

  16. We need you to come down South, MeRa! Would be happy to show you how to put a little Southern twang in your photos! 😉

  17. Ann Lee says:

    The photos are really inspiring. I’m inspired to take more pictures of my family, especially my kids because they grow so fast. Thanks for another heart-inspiring post and photos.

  18. Idie A says:

    WOW! The photos are great! Makes me want to go to the beach. 🙂
    Rhonda, fun seeing you and your family as models!

  19. Delanae says:

    Thanks Rhonda… I heart Chico’s!!! 🙂

  20. awesome post! brings back so many memories =) great job ladies!!

  21. Jamie says:

    Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family….your grace and peace made a very nervous photographer much less nervous. Thank you so much for that!

    Me Ra,
    I must admit, when I first arrived at the workshop and saw the Huntington beach pier, I was super excited and thought for sure that was where the model shoot was going to happen…. nope, not so much….. it happened on the beach with the high midday sun blasting straight down. Normally I wouldn’t have even taken my camera out of the bag under these conditions…. I would have been WAY too intimidated. (Me Ra’s not kidding when she says she’s going to push you outside of your comfort zone) Well it turns out that I CAN shoot in the midday sun, I just needed to get out of my own way. Turns out I LOVE the images that I got that day.

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

  22. Laura Hanis says:

    All of you ladies took gorgeous photos!

  23. Ohh, what a wonderful weekend, I want to do it all over again! If you have been thinking about attending this workshop DO IT! Me Ra’s confidence workshop is professionally and personally life changing. There is nothing else like it.

  24. Whoo whoo, go Rose! Proud of you girlfriend. 🙂