"Everything I am, you helped me to be."

family portraits displayed as artwork transforms the narrative of the home

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fine art Portraits to Display in Your Home.
Celebrate Your Story.

FRISCo's luxury family Portrait Photography that exhibits your family's love.

Rekindle the spark with your spouse, cherish your child's sense of wonder and boost your confidence.

appearances &

appearances & Features


At Me Ra Koh Portraits in Frisco, Texas, we are more than a professional photography studio. By getting to know you, and what is special and important to you, we help you create custom fine art portraits that are as unique and individual as you, your family, and loved ones.


What to Expect

an effortless experience right from the start!

1. Complimentary Phone Consult

2. your photo shoot day

3. Same Day Reveal & Design Consultation!

4. Wall Art Installation

We will discuss your desires, style, and display ideas to create a personal vision for the shoot. This is also where we book your session fee, and lock in your consultation and session dates.

Experience a fun photo shoot enhanced with guided posing and all the tips and tricks for creating the best portraits. Professional makeup artistry is also available to help you look and feel your best! 

This is everyone's favorite part! You get to pick your favorites (the same day as your shoot) with our in-house Design Expert to create custom artwork for your home and as gifts. We will finalize and place your order.

Save the Marriage, Let Us Install It. "Little to the left, little more.. Wait, that's too much!" Sound familiar? We offer custom wall art installations when your artwork arrives from Italy. Just say the word, if you'd like this additional white glove service.

"Everything I am,
you helped me to be."

family portraits displayed as artwork transforms the narrative of home. 

Use the link below to schedule a call for a Complimentary Consultation today.

What's the First STep?

a one-of-a-kind-session experience

For Every Member Of The Family!

Use the link below to schedule a call for a Complimentary Consultation today.

What's the First STep?

"For all the things my hands have held the best by far is you."

"We are excited about the pictures and really we're just amazed at the
process and the finished product. So... Good! And how hard it was to pick one or two. Out of so many great pictures. The pictures told a story of our family — That was special… It spoke to all the things that you talk to our family about it. That was really important. Made it wonderful. Appreciate it. Thank you.”

 — Nichter Family

"I kind of walked in with no expectations, because we've never had professional photos of our family before, but this has been a really incredible experience working with you all... How much care was put into it was really amazing. Everything from the phone conversation with Brian to getting to know you all... It's beyond expectations. Couldn't say it enough. Thank you so much. Thank you."

 — Vassilakos Family

“It was amazing from the first interview with Me Ra. It just put me in a very comfortable spot, but also made me feel like I was really being listened to the entire time. Then when I got here, it was just the most magical experience. It was so custom and tailored to who I am. And after seeing the photos, it was a “true reflection” of my inside and outside.”

 — Gia

Testimonials from past clients

here's a sneak peek into their journeys!

Custom Wall ARt

We start with the end product in mind

What would it mean for your little one to see your snuggles every morning when he wakes up? Imagine being reminded of your spouse's unconditional love when they're away from home. Or seeing a portrait of your confidence every time you sit down to work on that dream!

Wall art rooted in meaning is the best kind of "positive propaganda".  What are the messages you want to be reminded of every day?

We help you create personal, timeless wall art that increases in value with every passing year. Through a custom Design Session at the studio, we'll ensure your finished product reflects your vision and flows with your interior decor to accentuate the style of your space. Your wall art will take your breath away every time you see it. 

Before your studio session, walk around your home and think about where you'd love to relive those forever moments.  

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a little about us

Families fly in from around the country to have their own 'Me Ra Koh Portrait' experience.

read me ra's story

Based in Frisco, Texas, they are more than a professional photography studio. Through guided questions before the photo shoot, their team listens to discover what is special and important to you in this season. Their signature, collaborative process, results in custom fine art portraits and collections for your home and office. Your portraits are as unique and individual as you, your family, and loved ones.

Get ready for your Me Ra Koh photography experience! Rekindle the spark with your spouse, cherish your child’s sense of wonder and boost your confidence. Their team will illuminate what means most to you because family is a work of art.

Read Brian's story

"two of the greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings."

The first step to your photographic experience with Me Ra Koh Portraits is to schedule a call with us. Let us know a good day/time to reach you in the contact form. We're excited to connect with you!


"It's that heart of gold, & stardust soul that make you beautiful."

"Her radiant, positive spirit glows. She is professional and equipped for whatever, whenever. She pulled out lighting equipment on the riverbank once. She had it ready to go, an otherwise impossible to capture shot-- the centerpiece of our shoot. The results are true artwork and we will love these portraits forever!"

"every single amazing photo IN MY HOME IS BY ME RA."

anne & Josh
Family Portraits
New York City

"I look at this portrait every day of my husband and son, and I just beam with joy!  Thank you, Me Ra, for capturing that perfect moment!"

"WE love this portrait so  much WE HAVE TWO HANGING IN OUR HOME!"

Kayla & Michael
Family Portraits
New York City

"Me Ra and Brian made it very evident how we felt about each other and our family dynamics through the photos. That's the story we really wanted to display on our walls at home--something genuine to our personal connections.  It's not just a photo...I remember telling Me Ra after that our experience made me feel even more in love with my family."

"Our Experience

Kelley & Ethan
DallAS, TX

Use the link below to schedule a call for a Complimentary Consultation today.

What's the First STep?

The first step is to schedule a phone consultation. This allows us to understand your needs best, so we can provide you with just the right experience. You can schedule one today at no cost. Click the scheduling button to pick the best day/time for you.

How can I get more information about working with you?

Our session fee varies depending on your needs. During your consultation, we can understand which session type is going to serve you best. Our clients invest between $1400 to $10,000 or more, depending on taste and budget. A luxury investment demands a luxury experience, and with Me Ra Koh Portraits, that’s exactly what you get. 

How much do you charge for a session?

Me Ra jokes that raising two kids and having a husband with ADHD has prepared her for any type of child. On top of that, she’s the go-to photo expert for Live with Kelly & Ryan; they take the term “rowdy” to a whole new level. LOL! We guarantee that Me Ra will steer your family’s high energy into portraits you love. 

My family can be a bit rowdy, will you be able to handle them? 

That’s a great question. Everything you purchase will be professionally retouched in a way that looks both natural and highlights your best features. Me Ra is also a master at posing and lighting you in the most flattering ways. You will be pleasantly surprised at how she captures the spirit of you. 

I’m very self-conscious about my weight and skin, will you edit the photos?

The same day as your photo shoot! This is everyone’s favorite part! After the photo shoot, grab lunch or coffee and then come back to the studio for your Reveal & Design Consultation Celebration.
Our Design Expert will help you with custom layout ideas for your home, as well as gifts for family. 

When can I see my photos?

We are in Frisco, TX, off Main and Teel. 

Where are you located?

you asked, we've answered!

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