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The Florence Collection

The Florence Collection

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-Planning session where we take you on a journey, customizing your photographic experience to reflect what means most.

-Personalized photo shoot, capturing the essence of you.

-Cinematic presentation of your best portraits.

-Custom design consultation where we help you in the selection and creation of wall art for your home.

-Professional retouching to purchased portraits.

-Permanent archiving of your purchased portrait files on and off site.

*The custom designed artwork will be made available to you for purchase. 

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"Our Wall Art is a true work of art."

Baby Melody was born with Spina Bifida.  Her parents wanted to capture the joy she brings them every day--to have on their wall to see and celebrate--despite the health challenges they face. 

This photo shoot was a complete honor for Me Ra Koh Portraits to be a part of.   

how angelic Our baby girl is."

"You Captured

Stephanie & Mike
Dallas, TX

I’m crying and smiling and glowing and so happy looking at these. 

I was holding my breath waiting for the pics. We need more wall space for these!!  Thank you soooo much.

This will definitely turn into a yearly family tradition!"



Maria & Jeremy
Pregnancy/Family Portrait
San Francisco, CA

The portraits Me Ra is able to capture are not just pictures of our family, but rather memories that will live on forever because of the setting she creates behind the photo shoot.
Now that we have our portraits on the walls in our home, I look at each picture and remember what was going on at that time. I will always have a story to tell and share with those who come into our home.

 how amazing
these are!"

"I truly have no words
to describe

Tiffany & Johnny
Baby Portraits
Frisco, Tx

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