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We Left the Kids in Belgium, Find Out Why

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We left the kids in Belgium, but you would too if you were us!

This is our family in 2014.  We had been traveling the world for five months filming Adventure Family and living by faith for provision.  We were run down, discouraged and in desperate need of seeing good friends.  The McGinn family was living in Italy and generously invited us to come stay with them.  They gave Brian and I their master bedroom.  Their kids gave our kids their beds.  And they made us the most wonderful dinners every night.  I think I cried several times during our stay with them.  Our hearts and spirits were so refreshed.

Small Village in Northern Italy, Me Ra Koh

Fast forward a couple years.  Look at how much the kids have changed!

This is the kids in 2014.

Visiting a Small Village in Northern Italy with Kids and Friends, Me Ra Koh

This is three years later!  CRAZY, right?!  So beautiful!

We left the kids in Belgium. You would too if you were us! Adventure Family's takes you to Belgium with pro photographers Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend and their kids!

As you may have guessed, the McGinn’s moved to Waterloo, Belgium.  Once again, they generously opened their home to us.  Even though we don’t let the kids do sleepovers (which is another story all together), we left the kids in Belgium with the McGinn’s. Brian and I taught headed to Italia to lead our Portrait of Italy: Photography Workshop and Culinary
Tour.  (pssst, Portrait of Italy is coming back in May!)

While we were away, the kids filmed their own episode about living off the street food in Belgium.  That’s next week!  So stay tuned!

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Talking Points for the Family, Classroom and Homeschoolers

1. Did any of you count how many suitcases and bags we brought with us?  Do you think you’d pack more or less?

2. Who gets the best sleep on planes?

3. What is one of Blaze’s favorite things to look at when he’s done with homeschool and chores?

4. Why couldn’t the kids find where we were on the map?

5. In what ways do the streets of Belgium look similar or different to your neighborhood?

6. Did you see any items in our friend’s home that looked familiar or you may own too?

7. Would you be nervous or excited to do a sleepover with friends in Europe?

8. When you read the title “We left the kids in Belgium” what was the first thing that popped in your head?

Did you know Belgium is one hour train ride from Paris?  Visiting the Louvre?  Check out our Top 10 Louvre Museum Tips for Families

It Takes a Team to Build a Dream

Our dear friends have been encouraging and championing our dreams for over ten years.  Even the CRAZIEST dreams we’ve shared have never been to crazy for them.  Friends like that are hard to come by.  I know I can email them all my fears, doubts, concerns, wild ideas, and they will pray us through every one.  Whether the McGinn’s live stateside or across the seas in Italy or Belgium, we’ll find a way to see them.

One of Our Favorite Things

Cooking dinner together, sharing a bottle of wine or making homeade Spritz’s, swapping funny stories, talking theology, sharing dreams–doing all this around their dinner table is one of my favorite things to do in the world.  (We love and miss you four!  Thank you for always being there for us!)

We left the kids in Belgium. You would too if you were us! Adventure Family's takes you to Belgium with pro photographers Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend and their kids!

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