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Watch Photo Tips with Military Families (as a Thank You for ALL They Give)

Me Ra Koh

As a thank you to the military for all they give, especially the sacrifice to be away from home this time of year, I twittered a call out last week for military families to be my models on Seattle’s morning show, New Day.  My hope was to bring a little more awareness to these special families during the holiday season.

Kelly and her two daughters came with a framed photo of dad who is stationed in South Afghanistan.  He’s been gone for four months and has eight more to go.  (To the amazing dad of Lauren and Nicole, thank you so much for all you give.  You should be proud of your girls, they did AMAZING on TV.)  The second family is Capt. Borg, his wife Kristen and their 10 month old baby.  Capt. Borg helps head up the Warrior Transition Battalion, helping soldiers reenter life off the battle field.  It was an honor to personally meet both families and especially have them as my models for Family Photo Tips.  Hope you enjoy the segment, and most of all, a heartfelt thank you to all military families.

Today’s Daily December FB Contest has to do with thanking and honoring the military.  Starts at 10am and last 24 hours!  CLICK HERE to join us!




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  1. Julia Lynn says:

    Great segment, MeRa! My husband is currently deployed through July and we are expecting our first child in April. I appreciate you taking time out to highlight military families, especially during the holiday season.

  2. Neyssa says:

    I love the segment! The idea to have dad’s photo to keep him in the picture when he can’t be there is such a great way to honor him. I will also have to try a picture with our son like the second family. I just love it!

  3. Me Ra Koh says:

    thanks so much for the comments! This was def a special segment. Much love to all the military families who are separated this holiday season.


  4. Rhonda Kane says:

    Great job as always!!!
    AND looking fabulous as always!!!
    What a gift for these families. AND what a gift for us – to learn a few more tips from fabulous you.


  5. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for highlighting these families and thank you to them for their sacrifices and service for our country! Wonderful segment!