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Last Day to Vote: One Voter Wins a Sony Cybershot!

Hey friends!  What an insane weekend!  We thought we were flying to Thailand at noon today, and thank GOD we realized it was midnight last night!  So as you read this, we are somewhere en route (if all has gone well :)).

I have a wonderful team of women helping me keep our blog fresh for each day this week.  Genie is going to make a little appearance and so is Mamabloo with a new Photo Tale!  So don’t think we’re going to leave you for the week.  🙂  Nope, we’ve got some great stuff up our sleeve.  And I’m going to do my best to get the Five Finalists live this Thursday, but if for some reason I can’t get internet soon enough, we’ll be sure to have those Finalists live within a few days of Thursday.

We are closer than ever to our goal of 750 votes!  Maybe 200 more votes, if that!  Isn’t that AMAZING!

Today is the LAST DAY to vote!  The Five Finalists have captured amazing moments, like this one below!

To see all Five Finalists and submit your vote, CLICK HERE!

If you know anyone that would love a spiffy, new Sony Cybershot Camera, get them to get over here and vote today!

Deadline is at midnight TONIGHT PST!

To the SOAR! Recipients and all of you wonderful dream builders that are following along, we’ve got a SOAR! Photography Exercise today!  Check it out at the SOAR! Blog!  It’s going to be fun!


Me Ra



  1. Rhonda says:

    Oh man. Glad you realized what 12:00 you were really leaving at.
    I realize you may not read this until you come home, but I wanted to say…
    Have a great time in Thailand and come back rested and rejuvinated. I can’t wait to see the images and read stories. Know that I have dedicated time to pray for you every day this week!

  2. Glad to hear you made the flight! So happy you guys have a chance to SOAR! off into the wild blue younder and take time to swim in the deep blue sea! Have a wonderful trip and Happiest of Birthdays with the monkey’s of Thialand! I’m sure they are going to be thrilled to see you again. You are both precious, loved and appriciated by many. Praying this trip fills your cups to overflowing once again! Much Love…

  3. I love them all, I guess if i have to choose one, I’ll go with number 1. I thought the intimacy was just priceless.

  4. Ruth Pomerantz says:

    I vote for number 1 – capturing the expressions at that angle and range is priceless!

  5. sina says:

    me your new follower. im from malaysia love photography. Thanks to you from your blog i got alots of tips. U got very2 nice shoot.

    by the way i want tips from u ,im going to take kids pic on 5th August.