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Stylist: What to Wear for Photos

What to Wear for New Years Eve and Cruise! Get Your Cameras Ready!

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I LOVED having Rebecca, my stylist, post her tips for how to dress for Fall photos.  And since so many of you fell in love with her too, I asked her to come back with more tips and wardrobe “set” suggestions for New Year’s Eve and Cruises.  As I mentioned in my first post,  I struggle with putting outfits together.  Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, all the above actually, overwhelm me with the single question “what do I wear?”  And this is the thing…if you don’t like what you are wearing, feel absolutely great in it, it will show in the photos! Ring in the New Year with confidence ladies!   Check out this New Year’s Eve set that Rebecca did for a client.

glitter spray gold bangles perfect pink & gold purse Not sky high slingback 
 Cape for anytime studded gloves Color Block Dress Little gal new years dress
Sequins Black Blazer  GGGGRrrrrrr animal print sweater Zara Jumpsuit

Rebecca had six suggestions for this set, here are two of my favorite;

2. So you will notice my color choice again is not traditional, “Why, you may ask again?” I think a little color tweak helps one stand out just a tad and when you mix it back to a classic like black, and add a classic metal like gold there is no way you can go wrong. If you are bottom heavy black on the bottom color on top. Hey, do you know that wearing all one color is also slimming? For the small waisted and hourglass gals this color block dress highlights that waist, no one will notice anything else, well except your smile. My busty gals lets try all black, maybe a v-neck tee layered under that sparkle jacket and some amazing fitting trousers. For all my gorgeous full figured beauties I like the idea of an animal print cardigan with a slight v-neck, a belted waist, and perfect wide legged trousers, or a wrap dress in any color, or black with a sparkly jacket. Keep in mind ladies I chose heels that you can actually stand in, “YAY REBECCA.” ( see link for shoes, they are not pictured).

3. Except for the Pink poofy Marchesa dress, (for your little gal, daughter.) I made sure pretty much everything in this set was a mix and match. I did not add tights, (black or cranberry, purple), which would go back nicely to the color block dress, or any skirt ensemble. I also did not add black trousers or denim, I figured I would just make the suggestion for a casual New Year’s eve an animal print sweater your fave black skinny jeans, the black poncho and gloves you are set. Throw your man in black jeans, I’m gonna say a sweater with some pink in it too, yes I said it and you are ready for a fun casual evening and a perfect sweet shot of you two at midnight.

Anyone doing a cruise for the holidays?  If so, Happy “Sunny” Holiday!  Check out this fun set.  I LOVE the color palette with the holiday theme intertwined!

*Find any of these pieces online with the links below!  That is the magic of Rebecca’s sets!

Jcrew beach cover up Red Maxi Dress Old Navy Beach Towels Sunscreen Supergoop 
portable DVD red beach bag Swim Zip toddler/baby swim suit Girls doggie swim Boy’s floral swim
Women’s black polka dot bikini Men’s Hula girl swim

Rebecca had several tips for her client on this set.  She shares them all on her blog, but here is my favorite!

2. If you are taking photos.. notice the color pallet, kinda in the Christmas spirit yet again I like to mix it up a bit. Red let your friends and family know Happy Holidays, yet the unexpected navy, grey, and white says we are on trend for the season, also these colors are very slimming and although fun and patterned people will still look at those smiling faces! Use interesting fur products that are not so common, this way you look special. Visit online store to find fur products.

For the longest time, photographers told their clients to stay away from busy patterns for photos.  Plaids were a big no-no, and mix matched designs could never work.  But it’s the spirit of people that we are capturing, and if the wardrobe enhances that spirit, I say GO FOR IT!  You can’t beat the joy that radiates on a family faces when everyone feels great in their skin and confident in what they chose to wear for the photo.

Okay, so seriously, this is one of my favorite Christmas gift ideas ever!  If you or a girlfriend have the toughest time piecing together outfits, why not give one of Rebecca’s Virtual Styling sessions as a gift!  They start as low as $60, and she makes these virtual sets for you, based on your own wardrobe.  Just a thought!  Any gift that grows confidence in women, I LOVE!

Big thank you to Rebecca for sharing her virtual sets and down-to-earth tips!  I love it girl!  Thank you for teaching us again!  You help us ALL shine!

And thanks to you, I have an idea of what I’m wearing for Christmas Eve’s big dinner!  Definitely taking some of the sparkle advice for New Year’s Eve and stealing it for Christmas Eve.  🙂