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Part 1: Photography Babies in Phoenix, AZ at CONFIDENCE Workshop!

In February, an amazing group of women, 2 gentlemen (Brian and Jeff Jochum), Wendy (Our SOAR! Coordinator) and our 3 SOAR! recipients gathered in Phoenix, Arizona for our Confidence Workshop.

What a fantastic weekend on so many levels!  Women came from many places for this one…Canada, Mexico, Tennessee, Washington DC and SPAIN!  Brian and I are so blessed to meet so many fabulous people from all over the world.

These are some of the fabulous images that they captured during the Baby Photo Shoot which happens on Day One of the workshop.  We had 3 adorable babies that ranged in age from weeks old to almost a year old.   The women were split into groups and given the task of capturing images that push them out of their “comfort zone”.  Everyone works so closely with their “baby family models” that it always feels like you are scrunched in a corner or someone is always in front of you, but I love this because it forces our attendees to try new angles or viewpoints.  Our space to work in that day was very limited but I like that at a workshop because sometimes you will go into a clients home and not have much space at all (with good light) and you have to think quick on your feet about how to use the light and position your subject.   These images were taken in a tiny hotel room with only one window and outside the front lobby where there was a lot of sun and a ton of heat.

They all did so great making use of the space we had, and their images are proof of that.   You would never know this image was in a hotel lobby…taken by Sarah Crank (the one in the middle above).

I love how these gals dove right in for the details!

Erin Wagnild captured not only “the hair swirl”, but the strength and the protectiveness that the dad’s hands resemble.  I love that!

This little gal was on the move for us that day.  A perfect subject for trying to capture the stage she is in right now.  She was very curious.  I love how Darby Ullyatt composed this image…the main focal point is the little girl’s hand on the arm of the bench, but in the background you can see the rocks and how intently she is looking at them.  Great shot Darby!

Christine Mosby captured the perfect “feet” shot.   The feet are in focus, but you can still see his body in the background.  If the baby has to nurse or feed during a session, sometimes those are the best moments to capture some detail shots like this one.  Way to go Christine!

As I talk about in “Your Baby in Pictures“, one of my favorite setups for newborn portraits is the “nose to nose”.  Carol Strawn caught this moment of the dad totally loving on his newborn son while he was sleeping.  The gentle smile on Dad’s face is perfection.

Capturing the connections between parents and children is one of the most rewarding feelings.  These next few images did just that…with CONFIDENCE!  This first one from one of our SOAR! Recipients, Rachel Abelson.  Look at the mom’s engagement with her baby…priceless!

A father’s love for his first-born son is so evident in this image.  Great shot Debra Wagner!
These images were taken by Wendy, Our AWESOME SOAR Coordinator!
You would never know this beautiful mommy just gave birth.  Such a flattering image!  Great job Carol!
Marille Brickey, your images portray perfectly how these new parents adore their baby boy!  Stunning!
Corrine Hamilton and Sarah Crank caught the innocence and curiosity of a child at this age.  I urge you to grab your cameras and follow your children around one day.  You will get some amazing images like these two.

There is more to come…look for Part 2, the Family Shoot, from the Phoenix, AZ Confidence Workshop!  The families that we had as models were fantastic!

A BIG THANK YOU to all the beautiful women who joined us in Arizona!  What an AWESOME group we had from the Shutterfly team who came for inspiration to the SOAR! Recipients and SOAR! Coordinator to the one who flew all the way from Spain, I can’t say enough about how much we loved our time with all of you!

Your group photo and many more “Behind the Scene” images are coming in Part 2!!

We have a few spots left in each of our upcoming Fall CONFIDENCE Workshops in Seattle, Washington DC, Sacramento and Dallas!  I think Seattle only has ONE spot left!  REGISTER TODAY to grab your spot! Start your FALL with renewed creativity and confidence in photography like NEVER BEFORE!   You could also be a lucky winner and get 50% off a spot at a workshop.  I have a FB contest going on right now.  Check out the details on my blog.  HURRY, for that one!





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  2. Carol says:

    Thanks for sharing these images! We had so much fun, Mera! I was very glad I was able to attend the conference! I was very inspired, and you are right to try to make things more realistic…have found that doing a photo session in my head is much easier to do than in real life! ha! So many variables are involved!!! So fun to share with some wonderful ladies and build some lasting photog relationships! Do you do reunions? 😉

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