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Best Advice for Fall (and maybe life!)

We were only 8 days in to our 5-month journey of filming our family’s vision when Mr. Sage, an eighty year old New Zealand man, gave me the best advice for Fall (and actually life!).

He and his wife had spontaneously invited us for tea.  They were one of the magical people we met along our journey–the kind of magic where we have an instant connection and feel like long lost friends even though you’ve just met.  While the kids played in their garden, they asked Brian and I questions about our journey, faith and dreams.  And when they asked, it felt like they had all the time in the world to listen.  We poured out our hearts to these new found friends.  We shared how scared we were to have left our home and all that we knew to build our dream.  “What if all our work never saw the light of day?  What if we ran out of money?  What if we realize we’ve made a huge mistake?”

Mr. Sage looked at me and said the words my heart needed to hear–words I have reflected on over and over.  “Me Ra, don’t be afraid of what’s inside of you.”

best advice for Fall, Me Ra Koh

Simple sentence and yet so powerful.

The Fall is upon us, and it’s a wonderful time of year to invest in ourselves.  Just like my garden, it’s time to do some transplanting whether it’s abstract or literal (like preparing to transplant our family to Dallas).  It’s time to take inventory of the dreams we carry and brush off the dust that may have settled over the summer.  It’s time to roll up our sleeves and dig into the ground of our hearts, unearthing hidden potential and strengths we don’t realize we have.  It’s time to stop being afraid of what’s inside of us.

How can you experience Mr. Sage’s advice?  Because isn’t it true?  In the end, I think we are all a little afraid of what’s inside of us.  Afraid it might come out looking silly, messy, or our attempts may fail.  Afraid we may be misunderstood or ignored.  Resonate with anyone?  What is one step you can take this Fall to not be afraid of what’s inside of you?  What dream can you put intentional time to?  What skills can you gain to help build that dream?

Brian and I are excited to share a number of events that we are doing between now and next Spring!  Each one of these events (whether it’s a speaking engagement or workshop) is about giving you an opportunity to not be afraid of what’s inside of you!

For starters, we are going to offer our 2 Day CONFIDENCE Workshop in Dallas, TX this October!  It’s a fun way for us to break into becoming Dallas residents! But it’s also a way for you to find confidence with your camera!  Brian and I have missed doing our 2 Day Workshop.  We are so excited to make this happen in October!  Set yourself up for a fall/winter season of success with the photos you take. If this is something your creative spirit needs, you will find it with Brian and I at your side!  Priority Registration will go out this week in our newsletter, so make sure you are signed up for it!  Dates:  Oct. 25th and 26th.  Limited to 15 Spots.  Early Bird Price ($999) Available in this Week’s Newsletter. (Regular Price is $1250)  Sign up for Newsletter Here.

And we’ve got more, a whole LOT more!  There is something for everyone!  Our teachers are also offering their one day workshops everywhere this Fall!  Take a look below.

Let’s start this Fall unafraid and with renewed confidence!

Me Ra and Brian’s Speaking Schedule

Take a Giant Step Tour by Jeff Jochum

Date: Sept. 8th, 11am-4pm

Location: Seattle TBA

Buy Tickets!

*This is a rare opportunity to spend the day with Me Ra and Brian’s business mentor of seven plus years.  Jeff Jochum is one of the wisest, most strategic business minds for the creative entrepreneur.  Registration includes one free guest.  Me Ra and Brian will speaking during part of the event.

Jeff Jochum and Me Ra Koh Speaking Schedule


Click Away Conference by Clickin Moms

Date: Sept. 11th-13th

Location: Salt Palace Convention Center, 100 SW Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Buy Tickets!

*Me Ra will be speaking four different times.  Her Hands-On session has SOLD OUT.  Still seats left in her Saturday talk with Pascaline!  Below are two different ways to register.  You can enjoy the full conference and get $60 Off the $339.  Or you can come for the day, 9/13, to hear me and Pascaline and pay only $40 while enjoying the rest of the day’s hub activities.  (Pascaline and I would LOVE it if you could come hear her first talk with me!  Here is the title and description of what we are presenting.  Make sure you pre-register for it!)

Full Conference Registration – $339 (with the promo code MERACLICK entered at registration): 

Hub-only and Me Ra and Pascaline’s Presentation Registration for Saturday, 9/13 – $40 (with the promo code SALTLAKE entered at registration):


Flourish Lite

Date: Sept. 27th

Location: 2660 E. TRINITY MILLS RD., CARROLLTON, TX 75006 / 972.416.5466

This is a FREE 1 Day, Inspirational Women’s Event at Covenant Church! But you must register on their website or call because they are going to have surprises for all the attendees.  And let me tell you, they ALWAYS blow it out of the park!  Come together with 1500plus women who are hungry for freedom to chase after their dreams!

*Three amazing speakers throughout the day to inspire and empower women!  Me Ra is kicking off the event with the opening keynote!


CLICK Blogger Social Media Retreat by Today’s Mama

Date: Oct. 8th-11th

Location:  San Francisco, CA

Buy Tickets Here

*This is an event that you must apply for.  It is for social media focused, photo loving moms who currently have large followings and want to be inspired and refreshed.


2-Day CONFIDENCE WORKSHOP with Me Ra and Brian!

Dates: Oct. 25th-26th

Location: Dallas, TX (location details will be emailed after you register)

Early Bird Starts This Week to Our Newsletter Followers!  Sign up for the newsletter here!

*Workshop limited to first 15 women.

Confidence Photography  Workshops with Me Ra Koh


CLICK Blogger Cruise by Today’s Mama

Date: Jan. 10th-17th

Location: Caribbean



RESTART: 5-Week Online Course to Restart Your Creativity and Confidence with Me Ra Koh

Starts: Tuesday, January 20th

Location:  Online Course so You Can Do It from Home or the Road

Pre-Registration Opens This Week to Newsletter Followers/ Limited Spots

*The RESTART Online Course was such a success last January, I’ve been CRAZY EXCITED to do it again!  Sign up for our Newsletter to be one of the first who can register!

Restart Your Creativity with Me Ra Koh


3-Day CONFIDENCE Teacher Training: Become a CONFIDENCE Teacher!

Dates: February or March 2015

Location: Dallas, TX

*Brian and I are going to open up the application process for our third year of the teaching program!  The program has evolved much since we first launched it!  Every year, we get smarter and stronger!  If you think you might be interested in hearing more, email us at, and we’ll forward you the details!  (You must apply to become a CONFIDENCE Teacher.)

photography workshop teacher training with Me Ra Koh


Dates:  Spring 2015

There’s no official name yet.  But that’s right!  I didn’t mistype that beautiful word “Italy” because Brian and I NEED to TAKE YOU to ITALY!  This is going to be a DREAMY custom photo/tour workshop with our favorite UK based travel company, Encounters Travel (the amazing team that took us to Egypt).  We are also saving a limited number of spots so the hubbies can join us, AND we are working on special activities for those hubbies!  We will be doing special photo excursions, hands-on sessions, and SO MUCH MORE as we end each amazing day drinking Italian wine, eating homemade pasta (that this gluten free girl had ZERO reactions too!) while the accordion player serenades our us.  FOR REAL!  If you want to be the first to know about this workshop, email us at  Make sure you are signed up for the newsletter.  There will be limited space, and newsletter followers will be the first to know!

Italian Village, Me Ra Koh

CONFIDENCE Teachers Offering Fall Workshops Nationwide! 

To find a one-day CONFIDENCE Workshop with one of our trained, certified teachers, look at the Workshop Calendar on the left hand side when you click here!  Or click on the dot/city nearest you when you look at our Workshop US Map!


There it is!  For now, that is what we’ve got coming!  Phew!  We will also do book signings after each speaking event for my new best selling book Your Family in Pictures and the other two in the series at each event! They are all still in Amazon’s Top 10 Best Seller’s List!  WOO HOO!!!

So excited to see all of you!

But what do you think about that bit of “best advice for Fall” from Mr. Sage?  Do you struggle with fearing what is inside of you?  Are you hungry to break through that this Fall and Winter?  If so, let’s meet at one of our upcoming events!



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  1. Kathleen says:

    Please send me information regarding your online photography courses.

    Thank You

  2. Me Ra says:

    Hi Kathleen!

    We would LOVE too! Are you signed up for our newsletter? Those are always the special people we send info to first! You can sign up at! I’ll be sending info out soon about the Restart Online course.