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Cyber Monday Sale: Workshops, New Video Series, Books!

Me Ra Koh

CYBER MONDAY SALE:  Workshops, New Video Series, Books starts TODAY!  WOO HOO!!!

1. 5 Days to Confidence: New Video Series Releases Today!

Me Ra Koh Speaking Flourish Covenant Church, Carrollton TX

This special project has been in the making for two years, but it’s taken twenty years to discover! Get ready for my new video series called 5 DAYS TO CONFIDENCE, a series of 5 keynotes I gave in Dallas, TX at a special women’s conference over two years time! This is not a series on how to use your camera. This is a series on how to live with CONFIDENCE.

Read the descriptions for each talk, and purchase the series here!
Price: $249 with 20% Given Back to Empowering Women! (see the trailer!)

Expect FIVE INSPIRATIONAL HOURS that will make you laugh and cry, covering topics on how to deal with fears, doubts, criticism, guilt, and more! If you are a woman who is in search of confidence, these talks are for you! Are you ready to get up in the morning and let me build your confidence as an artist, mom, business owner, wife, dreamer, faith seeker?!

Release Starts TODAY for Cyber Monday! (Yay!!! I’m so excited for this to finally be available to all of YOU!!!)

2.  Personalized Books! 

TODAY ONLY you can purchase Your Baby in Pictures and Your Child in Pictures and have me personalize the book to you or to a loved one for a holiday gift!  We usually let online bookstores sell my books, but many of you have asked me if we would offer some personalized, autographed books for the holidays!  Answer is YES!  TODAY ONLY!!   Just leave a note in the comment box when making your purchase of who you’d like me to sign the book to.  If you don’t leave a comment with a specific name, I’ll sign it with a little note so that you can give it to that perfect person at the perfect time!

Click the book title of your choice to purchase with personalization!  Your Baby in Pictures and Your Child in Pictures

3. BIGGEST Photography Workshop Deal of the Year! 

cyber friend deal

Photo: Nikki McLaughlin from Her Recent Seattle Workshop!

When you sign up TODAY for a Confidence Workshop, your friend gets to sign up for 50% off!  Call your girlfriends, this is the workshop deal that women look forward to each year–ends at midnight tonight!

WORKSHOP DEAL:  The Juicy Details!

Until midnight, when you sign up for a January or February workshop, your friend gets 50% off!

Women always LOVE this deal the most because not only do you gain confidence with your camera, but your girlfriend does too!

Who Takes Advantage of This Deal?

  1. women who want to gift the workshop to their friend—surprise them with goodness!
  2. husbands join up to surprise their wives!
  3. sisters sign up together and
  4. mother/daughter teams come!

If you fit any one of these categories, you get priority access to grabbing your spots before all our blog readers do!

Our awesome teachers are ALL over the country!

Where is a Workshop Near Me?

Click any of the cities below for a workshop near you or check out the US map, and find the blue dot that is nearest you or a friend! (if the US map doesn’t pop up right away, give it a couple seconds and presto!)

1/11, Las Vegas, NV with Amy Rhodes

1/11, Lubbock, TX with Veronica Bernal

1/11, Seattle, WA with Nikki McLaughlin

1/18, Bismarck, ND with Nicole Elliot

1/25, Manhattan, KS with Cathy Mores

1/25, Portland, OR with Beth Wendland*

1/25, Christiansburg, VA with Laura Swift*

1/25, Leesburg, VA with Allison Gallagher

1/25, Milwaukee, WI with Tina Erdman

1/25, Dallas, TX with Janna King

1/26, Seattle, WA with Cheryl Bidleman

2/1, Chicago, IL with Kelli Kalish

2/1, Portland, OR with Beth Wendland

2/1, San Antonio, TX with Summie Roach

2/1, Snoqualmie/Eastside, WA with Neyssa Lee*

2/8, Dallas, TX with Jill Ann

*Workshops that end with an * are half day for beginners, regardless of what type of camera you use. All other workshops are full day for women who want to understand how to use their DSLR.

All of our teachers are professional, published photographers. They were already making an impact on their community before they partnered with us! But they wanted to take their influence up a notch, have a heart to see women empowered, and went through a rigorous application process and training to become a certified Me Ra Koh Confidence Teacher. They have weekly business coaching/mentoring sessions with me and Brian.

In the first year of our workshop program launching, we’ve had over 134 women find confidence with their camera! Not bad for our first year of reaching women as a nationwide team!

Workshops limited to 8 women for an intimate, safe, confidence building day!

How do you get the discount?   Easy with Three Fun Ways to do This! 

  1. When you and your friend sign up for a workshop (you don’t have to attend the same one, you can be across country to take advantage of this special!), you each put your friend’s name in the comment box so we can cross reference your deal. Just first and last name is all we need. Use the coupon code: cyberfriendday (copy and paste if you’d like!), and you will get your half of the 50% discount! That way you AND your friend both get to split the 50% off between you!
  2. If only one of you is paying, register for two spots, put your friend’s name in the comment box, and use the same coupon code: cyberfriendday. This will automatically take 50% off one of your sign ups, and you will both be set!
  3. If you are wanting to sign up a friend that will attend a different workshop in another city, and get the 50% off for them, email our team at And we will get you and your friend’s registration set up via phone or email. This is only if you are paying their bill. If you are both splitting it, follow #1!

Click on any of the above workshop links to take advantage of our biggest workshop discount!

Deadline: Midnight Tonight!

I’m so EXCITED for you and your girlfriend to start 2014 with CONFIDENCE!


Me Ra

p.s. The Cyber Friend Day deal does not apply to our first Workshop Cruise in May–think Mother’s Day ladies! Oh yeah!! The cost is already awe-mazing (under $1000) for the Growing Workshop, two teachers (both Tina and Beth), travel photo excursions, AND five days cruising the Bahamas with food and lodging included! If you want to grab one of the spots they have left, limited to 20 women, click here!




  1. Jen Sulak says:

    #1 is a GREAT DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are all ON POINT with your needs!!!! I have been encouraged over and over by them.

  2. Thank you Jen!!! What great feedback to hear from YOU!! YAY!!!!

  3. Lots of Workshop Sign Ups Today for Cyber Friend Day Deal!! Yay!!! This is our BEST Discount of the Year, and it ends at Midnight Tonight! Find a workshop near YOU for this January! Sign Ups for Cathy Mores Photography, Photography by Jill Ann, Nikki McLaughlin, Tina LeAnn Photography, LLC and Beth Wendland’s Confidence Cruise and MORE! Woo hoo!!!

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