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A Dozen Ideas for Family Photos! (from the Seattle CONFIDENCE Workshop, Part 2!)


Seattle ladies!  I apologize for the delay in Part 2 of our special CONFIDENCE Wkshp weekend!   As you know, it’s been an INSANE seven days, but today we continue celebrating you!!!

For the rest of you tuning in, I’m excited for you to see the results and action these women took!  We had a crazy snow storm the week of the worksh0p.  So instead of cancelling our outdoor family shoot for the second day, we took the opportunity to build even more confidence and put these ladies to the test with all that they had learned on Day One to shoot indoors with only window light!  Yep, I truly believe the bigger the challenge, the more we learn!  If you have little ones, you know how challenging it can be to shoot indoors, especially with little munchkins:)  BUT, the Seattle ladies really rocked their cameras and captured some great images!  So proud of them.

Catherine Stegeman caught this beautiful moment between a mom and her son.  I can totally feel the love he has for his mommy through his eyes and smile.  Awesome!

I am so drawn in to this image that Jessica Meyers took.  I think it may be the composition with the empty space.  Really appealing to the eye!  Fantastic Jessica!

Andrea Baue captured an adorable portrait of this little girl.  This was in a stairwell with Andrea’s back against the window.  It’s amazing what you can capture with window light! Andrea, the light is perfectly falling on her and creates that magical catch light in her eyes!  Great job on so many levels!  At first glance, this could seem like an unlikely place for taking photos but you and your group rocked it!

Julie Mankin, I can completely picture this little guy standing up at this stool.  At this stage they like to stand near things and pound on them like a drum.  You got him in between all his movements for a nice classic portrait.  So cute!

Erin Crum had a handful of challenges to work through.  This little guy was “on the move”, and the lighting wasn’t ideal.  BUT, that’s what I love about the CONFIDENCE workshop!  If we had IDEAL lighting and trained models, you wouldn’t feel empowered and confident when you went home to tough lighting and real kids who are on the go.  Right?!  Erin really worked with the tough lighting here and created this awesome family picture.  I love that both of the parents hands are in the picture.

When we step back and watch the dynamics of a family, the stage they are in, we are much more able to create a photo that tells the story of this time in their life.  So, so adorable…Laura Swift!  This picture should be in a magazine and probably truly depicts this stage in the family’s life right now.  The motion of the image makes me smile!

By the end of our family shoot, this little guy was out for the count!  Sometimes that is the BEST time to capture little ones because they are so pooped.   Melissa Appleton took a super close up of this little boy laying on that beautiful bench.   Perfection.

Look at the expression on this little girl’s face.  Kellie Pecoraro, you did an amazing job of composing this image.  I think it is fabulous that we can see her doll.  A wonderful Defining Detail that adds that much more to the story!

Capturing scale is a wonderful exercise.  What I mean is thinking about how you can capture a story that shows how small your little one is.  So often we are focused on zooming in, getting close, but what about going wide and having that wide angle show us the scale of how small our babies are.  Shirley Lange took a great shot of this little boy showing us scale.  Shirley, GREAT JOB!

Nicole Chao, I have a feeling that you caught a look from this little girl that her parents see often.   Her expression draws us right in with the simple background. Priceless!

Linda Conti had a different view of this little guy on the stairs.  Both of them work perfectly!

Big shout out and thank you to Laura Swift and Julie Mankin for some great “Behind the Scenes” images from the weekend!

LOVE IT!  Joy just bursts from us when we are knee deep in exploring our passions!


As I wrap up this last post for the Seattle CONFIDENCE Workshop, I still can’t get over how much we were meant to be together “that” weekend.  Such powerful breakthrough happened, and it was for that weekend in our lives.  I LOVE this journey.  I LOVE that I cross paths with so many brave women who are willing to step out of their comfort zone to follow their passion.  And I love how divine timing works in the midst of us taking risk and going for it.

Seattle ladies, again, thank you so much for such a lovely, refreshing, powerful weekend.  If you have time this week, I would love to hear in the comments what your process was like when we did our photo shoot indoors the second day.  I know many of you felt overwhelmed at first, and yet, (it’s true!) I saw some of your faces brighten as you realized YOU COULD DO THIS!  Yes, it was hairy.  Yes, we all needed a glass of wine after.  🙂  But you didn’t give up and pushed through, and wow, it was amazing to watch.  Are you glad that we challenged you like this?

Thank you for all your comments and beautiful emails.  Brian and I feel so honored to have played a part in your ongoing, unfolding, creative journey.  We have great expectation and anticipation for where this vehicle of photography will take you!
All my love,
Me Ra



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  1. Julie says:

    This was such a great experience, I learned so much! The second day was the scariest for me. So much activity, so many people (families), so wanted to get good shots for the families. Even though I experienced one huge hot flash, I was pleased with my pictures. I have been shooting in manual mode ever since, and my biggest scare of shooting inside is not so big anymore!
    I can’t thank you and Brian enough for what you have given me, confidence!!

  2. Nice to see Christy Cowan modeling for you ladies! Beatiful photo of you & A! 🙂

  3. What great work everyone did! Fabulous!