The Rome Collection

The Florence Collection

The Venice Collection

The Pienza

The Story of our craftsmanship

Mom, Me and Baby

Always Daddy's Girl

The Story of Sisters

Taking Flight: His Senior Year

Where it Begins and Ends

She Teaches Fearlessness

Forever Sisters

Our collections are named after places we love visiting in Italy.  Not pictured here are the Chianti Collection, Pitigliano Storyboard Collection, and our Roma Portrait Box.

Having traveled to Italy several times, even leading photography travel workshop tours throughout the country, we have come to admire and respect the detailed attention given to Italian craftsmanship.  

Our wall art is meticulously handcrafted and printed in northern Italy, under the shadow of the Dolomites Mountains.  Your largest piece will have a signed Me Ra Koh Portraits Certificate of Authenticity printed on the back. The backing is fully enclosed with a wood block and ready for installation to display in your home. To secure the protection of your wall art, every piece is freighted from Italy to our studio.   

We start with the end in mind. 

Every step is taken care of from the concept of what you want captured most to the installation of your beautiful fine art wall collections. Instead of offering packages, every wall collection is custom designed for display in your home. 
Scroll down to browse some of our available wall collections and learn more about the craftsmanship of our printer in Italy.

Fine Art Wall Collections

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