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The Ups and Downs of Travel Photography

We love being professional photographers for a living, but there are ups and  downs to travel photography. Get a candid look inside our life.  The whole family will be entertained!

This episode has something for everyone! Baby turtles, sharks teeth and a surprise for the kids, plus travel photography tips for parents!

The Ups and Downs of Travel Photography with an entertaining, candid perspective from husband/wife team, Brian Tausend and Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan.

Sunrise photography is one of those brutal coin tosses with travel photography. Here’s the situation. Sony and Click Away invited us to speak at a photography conference on Amelia Island, Florida. We decide to stay a couple extra days. Brian wanted to photograph a sunrise on the East Coast. But the fog kept rolling in!

Join us this week on Amelia Island, Florida as we search for a sunrise, the Milky Way, baby sea turtles, a shark’s tooth, and get an unexpected, AMAZING surprise while doing photography at sunset!

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Talking Points for the Family, Classroom and Homeschoolers

1. Why are the stop signs green on Amelia Island, Florida?
2. What is the surprise for the kids?
3. Why are there so many turtles on Amelia Island, Florida?
4. What is stopping Mr. Brian from doing sunrise photography?
5. How early did Mr. Brian wake up?
6. What do you want to see most on Amelia Island?

Did you spot the surprise behind the bird?  SO COOL!

The Ups and Downs of Travel Photography with an entertaining, candid perspective from husband/wife team, Brian Tausend and Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan.

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episode 30: The Ups and Downs of Travel Photography: Amelia Island, Florida

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  1. Lisa Wile says:

    Great episode! I’m inspired to get up early and head to the beach! We have a pier like that near me and I’m on the east coast. Perfect for sunrise shots like this. I can’t wait for next week.

    • Me Ra Koh says:

      Thank you SO MUCH Lisa! Your feedback is so rewarding! Seriously! You’ll have to share with us what you get in the Facebook Confidence Group! It’d be SO COOL to see what comes from it!!! Are you really going next week with how cold it is? That would be the only thing. Isn’t it still snowing there? You’re braver than me! xoxo