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Brian and I have been talking about it all week.  He and I both in utter shock.  I think we’ve had our head down, working on whatever it takes to get this dream off the ground.  When you have your head down, you find yourself in shock as you lift your chin and see the […]

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If you weren’t on Facebook over the weekend, a LOT has gone down and this family is DETERMINED TO MOVE MOUNTAINS!  WE LEAVE Tuesday, MARCH 25th!! The countdown is on!  There is something SUPER REAL about having the tickets purchased! But what happened over the weekend?  Glad you asked!  Watch it right now or keep […]

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I’m excited to share our newest EGYPT episode with Disney; How to Photograph Historic Monuments! We filmed this on our third day in Egypt.  Or I should say, BRIAN filmed this, did all the audio, as well as enlisted our Egyptologist and Camel Guides to help.  🙂 It was our first “family travel” mini-episode where […]

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