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Pascaline wants to be a costume fashion designer someday.  She finished her first dress this year with her grandma’s help.  The dress turned out beautiful.  It has a gold embroidery overlay for the skirt made from fabric she found in Thailand.  I told her we had to do a photo shoot to celebrate her first […]

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I am thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at Click Away Conference September 11-13th in Salt Lake City, Utah!  But not just me, Pascaline is going to be speaking with me!  Check out our talk description below!  Huge thank you to SONY for sponsoring me to speak at this event! The line up […]

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On this day, the first day of spring, my Pascaline turns thirteen. She is a writer, weaving a magical story in a land far away–typing as fast as she can to keep up with her thoughts for almost an hour a day. And her sense of fashion…it astounds me.  It’s not from me! No, she […]

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Get ready, it’s a long one today!  My self-portrait with my twelve year old daughter is where I start my new year. What started out as a creative experiment six years ago became a passion.  Self-portraits are my way of visually documenting the different seasons I walk through as a woman, wife, artist and mom.  […]

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