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Anyone else draw a blank when it comes to shopping for men, especially dads?  Would you love a go-to list of the 12 Gifts for Cool Dads?  Me too!  This year, I decided to get my list by doing something different.  Instead of trying to guess what they want, I reached out to the dads […]

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Meet my dad, and hear a father daughter story of redemption. My dad celebrated his 73rd birthday this week.  He’s a powerful example of never giving up, regardless of how impossible the obstacles. Over 5 yrs. ago, he was hit by a teenage girl who was texting while driving. We almost lost him that day. […]

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In family photography, to capture the ever evolving story of dad is a powerful thing. Consider all that happens in one man’s heart as he walks through the many chapters of being a dad.  If there was every a story to capture with your camera, dad’s story is a great one. He will hold him […]

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As I look back on all the family photo shoots I’ve done, I can say that 98% of dads are the same when it comes to having their picture taken.  They don’t want to pose. They don’t want to look at the camera and smile.  Honestly, they don’t even want to sit still for a […]

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