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Me Ra Koh ignites her audiences with confidence.  She does more than show pretty photos, she quickens individual hearts and organizations to dream big through sharing her own stories and strategies of how to go after the impossible.  With a focus on empowering women, artists, and leadership, Me Ra is regarded as the top keynote speaker at conferences nationwide.  Audiences are moved by her “transparent teaching”, unbelievable stories and photography, and her wonderful sense of humor.  Me Ra shares insight that empowers people to find traction in going after their own goals and desires.  Her audiences have been made up of today’s leading brands like Harpo, Sony, Sesame Street, Southwest Airlines, nation’s top mom bloggers, church women’s conferences, as well as working and aspiring artists, photography and writing conferences and the everyday mom wanting to photograph her family’s stories.  Me Ra is often invited back multiple times because of her energy, storytelling and sheer inspiration.

Prior to the conference, Me Ra likes to talk with the host and make sure her message meets their needs and overall goals for the specific event.  She tailors her talks to maximize the event’s overall theme and purpose whether it is the Opening or Closing Keynote.  See below for Me Ra’s full bio.

Keynotes from Recent Events

  • From Psych Ward Patient to The Photo Mom on Disney
  • Healing the Core: Redeeming the Father/Daughter Relationship
  • Dream Building 101: Dealing with Fear and Doubt to Build the Impossible
  • Canopy of Dreams: 7 Steps to Living Your Dream
  • Living a Life of Adventure: Realities No One Talks About
  • Secret Weapon to Dream Building
  • To Stretch but not Break
  • Why Back Up Plans are Overrated
  • Creating Your Own Family Culture
  • Discovering Your Desires, Now Activate Them!
  • Thrive: Identifying Growth Barriers and Necessary Tools to Breakthrough

Keynotes from Recent Photography/Writing Conferences

  • CONFIDENCE: Cultivating it in You and Your Creativity
  • Photographer’s Journey: 7 Lessons that Dramatically Shaped My Career
  • The Evolving Lens: how to allow your creative work to evolve AND pay the bills
  • Lights, Camera, ABROAD! –Creating, Producing and Distributing Short Form Travel Video
  • Social Media “Next Level” Strategies for the Artist Entrepreneur
  • Shoot Like a Woman!
  • Growing Your Photography Business with Feminine Wisdom
  • To Begin: 10 Stages of Growth for the Portrait Photographer

[/cmsms_text][cmsms_image align=”none” link=”https://merakoh.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/0004-Speaking.jpg” animation_delay=”0″]17660|https://merakoh.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/0004-Speaking.jpg|full[/cmsms_image][cmsms_text animation_delay=”0″]

Me Ra Koh’s Bio

Me Ra Koh, affectionately known as The Photo Mom, is the leading photography expert and educator to moms with cameras. She hosts the Disney Junior TV show Capture Your Story with Me Ra Koh. Her latest show involves the whole family, Adventure Family, a new YouTube channel that inspires viewers every Thursday to unplug and go off the beaten path because the family that builds dreams together builds dreams!  She is the author of the national bestselling series, Your Baby in Pictures: The New Parents’ Guide to Photographing Your Baby’s First Year and Your Child in Pictures: The Parents’ Guide to Photographing Your Toddler and Child from Age One to Ten and Your Family in Pictures: The Parents’ Guide to Photographing Holidays, Family Portraits, and Everyday Life reaching #1, #2 and #3 at the same time on Amazon’s Top 10 Best Seller List.  Me Ra is also the guest photography expert for Live with Kelly, The Nate Berkus Show, and Lifetime Television. She is proud to be one of the original select SONY Artisans of Imagery since 2007.  Her writing, photography and photo recipes have been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, VH1, and Martha Stewart Living, as well as in the New York Times, Parenting, Yahoo Shine, American Baby, Women’s World, Associated Press, Huffington Post, Popular Photography, American Photo, and CLICK. Not only do tens of thousands of moms follow her blog and LIVE sessions on Facebook for photo tips and creative inspiration, but she also writes for Disney’s Babble and Conde Nast Traveler in which she inspires moms to not only capture their family but live their best life.  Her award-winning photography has been exhibited from coast to coast.  Her Egypt photography was given the honor of being on exhibit in The Natural History Museum in NYC.  Her instructional DVDs, Refuse to Say Cheese and Beyond the Green Box, both won the prestigious national Gold Seal Award from National Parenting Publication Awards.  Me Ra holds a series of travel photography workshops abroad and online each year.  Her 2-Day CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop in Dallas, TX is for women only and has sold out since 2007.  She works closely with partners like Disney, SONY, Sesame Street, Southwest Airlines, select travel companies, and Target to find ways to inspire the creative hearts of women.  You can even find her at your local Target and Best Buy!  Me Ra is a sought after, inspirational keynote speaker who brings empowerment, humor and tears to all her audiences.  She is afraid of escalators in big cities, scuba diving and rock climbing, but she does all three (unless an elevator is nearby).  Find her at www.merakoh.com and www.youtube.com/AdventureFamily.

WPPI Keynote Photos By: Garrette Baird

[/cmsms_text][cmsms_image align=”none” animation_delay=”0″]25385|https://merakoh.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/0001-Speaking.jpg|full[/cmsms_image][/cmsms_column][cmsms_column data_width=”1/3″][cmsms_quotes mode=”slider” animation_delay=”0″][cmsms_quote image=”17693|https://merakoh.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/kayla-2.jpg|full” name=”Kayla Lindquist” subtitle=”Director of Sony Artisans of Imagery”]As Director of the Sony Artisans of Imagery program, I have many opportunities to work with the most talented artists in the world.  Each artist is selected because of their unique strengths.  For Me Ra, the list of strengths is very long including her unique ability to tell a story, captivate her audience, and share her compassion.  I have had the privilege of working with Me Ra since 2008 on several projects.  But my favorites are when I am able to stand in the back for one of her inspirational talks for Sony in the photo industry.  From presenting keynotes to a room of thousands or an intimate room of ten, Me Ra always has a special way of connecting and empowering her audience.  [/cmsms_quote][/cmsms_quotes][cmsms_quotes mode=”slider” animation_delay=”0″][cmsms_quote image=”17675|https://merakoh.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Rachael-Herrscher-headshot.jpg|full” name=”Rachael Herrscher” subtitle=”Founder of TodaysMama.com and Click Retreat”]

I always try to set the tone of my events through the speakers I choose.  Time and time again, I’ve asked Me Ra to present our opening and closing keynotes because of her passion and engaging approach.  Every time she leaves my attendees inspired and excited to take on new adventures.  Me Ra radiates a warmth and tone that I welcome at every one of my events.

[/cmsms_quote][/cmsms_quotes][cmsms_image align=”none” animation_delay=”0″]25370|https://merakoh.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/16602140_10154332705927849_1906079619447847376_o.jpg|full[/cmsms_image][cmsms_quotes mode=”slider” animation_delay=”0″][cmsms_quote image=”17733|https://merakoh.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Amie-Bio-Photo.jpg|full” name=”Amie Dockery” subtitle=”Senior Associate Pastor, Covenant Church, Dallas, TX”]

Me Ra Koh captures an audience.  Not only with her lens and creative eye behind the camera, but with her brilliant gift for stringing words together that mend hearts and knit dreams to reality.  She is the kind of Keynote Speaker every event host seeks in the sea of “stage worthy” sameness.  It’s all too rare to come across an authentic voice of hope and reason that joins the journey of an event and guides the audience with strength, humor and anticipation.  Me Ra embodies the spirit of the saying “the more fulfilling the life, the more full the message”.  In one vibrant talk, she will take your audience with her around the world and leave them hungry for their own adventures to begin. 

[/cmsms_quote][/cmsms_quotes][cmsms_image align=”none” animation_delay=”0″]25372|https://merakoh.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/14556729_10155405298119478_6866804673601489847_o.jpg|full[/cmsms_image][cmsms_quotes mode=”slider” animation_delay=”0″][cmsms_quote image=”17685|https://merakoh.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/SARAH-WILKERSON.jpg|full” name=”Sarah Wilkerson” subtitle=”CEO of Clickin Moms”]

Me Ra Koh’s exuberance is positively infectious, and it’s incredible to witness her energy radiate through an audience.  A consummate storyteller, Me Ra draws attendees in with honesty, generosity, and passion, inviting them to connect and share in the experience. We were privileged to have Me Ra give the closing keynote address at our photography conference, Click Away, in October 2016.  Even when speaking to a room of over 800, somehow Me Ra has the ability to personally touch each individual in the audience, presenting a powerful message that hits the heart and challenges the mind. Incredibly genuine in her words and stories, she brought forth both laughter and tears, and attendees left feeling inspired and empowered.  Me Ra isn’t simply speaker your attendees are sure to enjoy; she’s one you’ll want to take the time to experience for yourself.


[/cmsms_quote][/cmsms_quotes][cmsms_image align=”none” animation_delay=”0″]25382|https://merakoh.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/0004-Me-Ra-Koh-Women-Conference-Keynote_web-size.jpg|full[/cmsms_image][cmsms_image align=”none” animation_delay=”0″]25376|https://merakoh.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/16587263_10154332702987849_377279045829278312_o.jpg|full[/cmsms_image][cmsms_image align=”none” animation_delay=”0″]25373|https://merakoh.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/16700643_10154332698117849_3794945349181839428_o.jpg|full[/cmsms_image][cmsms_image align=”center” animation_delay=”0″]https://merakoh.com/wp-content/themes/goodday/framework/admin/inc/img/image.png[/cmsms_image][/cmsms_column][/cmsms_row][cmsms_row data_id=”invite” data_padding_bottom=”50″ data_padding_top=”0″ data_color=”default” data_width=”boxed”][cmsms_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsms_contact_form form_plugin=”cf7″ form_cf7=”20142{|}Me Ra Koh Speaking Inquiry” animation_delay=”0″][/cmsms_column][/cmsms_row]


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