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“Your Baby in Pictures” translated into FINNISH and YOUR Photo Results!!!

Me Ra Koh

It’s official!!!  My book, Your Baby in Pictures, is being picked up by a big publisher in Finland and TRANSLATED!!!  How cool is that?!!  I’m so excited!!

I want to celebrate today with sharing some of YOUR Photo-Recipe results!  Receiving emails of the photos that my book has inspired you to shoot is the BEST!!!  It’s the BEST, I tell you!!!  Keep sending me your Photo-Recipe results!  There are forty Photo-Recipes, and I’d be tickled if you all sent me ALL forty!!!  Here are some of the latest photos from readers!  Let’s celebrate!

Lisa Ward took this fantastic photo, inspired by Photo Recipe #24 “Flexibility You Would Die For”.

Nickie Mullin captured this AMAZING silhouette, inspired by Photo-Recipe #36 “Flying Cherub Silhouette”!!

Beryl Young from Northern Virginia captured this GORGEOUS photo of mom and baby, inspired by Photo-Recipe #18 “Sitting Up…Well, Almost!”  That one is all about slimming mom in the photo!  I can’t think of a more beautiful example Beryl!

Neyssa Lee captured this sweet detail, inspired by Photo-Recipe #6 “Tiny Hands”.

The Hair Swirl is one of my FAVORITE details with babies!  Sara from Seattle did an AMAZING JOB with not only the detail but beautiful window light!!  This photo was inspired by Photo-Recipe #5 “The Fleeting Hair Swirl”.

Email me your favorite Photo-Recipe results, including the title of the Photo-Recipe that inspired you and what state you live in, and you may find your photo on the blog!  And serious, I would love to see all forty!!  In fact, we should do a CONTEST for the person who tweets and posts on my FB page all 40 Photo-Recipe results first!!!  What do you think of that?!!!  Maybe the prize could be a spot in one of our CONFIDENCE Workshops!!!  I know some of you have wanted to attend for years, maybe this is a way for you to come!!!  Hmmmmm!!!  Thoughts?!!!

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  1. Lisa Ward says:

    Me Ra!!! It’s so fun for me to see one of MY PHOTOS on YOUR BLOG! And I’ve been wanting to come to one of your CONFIDENCE workshops, but they’ve been held too far away from home. So, let me know if you end up doing the contest you’ve mentioned in this post! I’d love to COMPETE (although I don’t tweet, so I hope that just posting them on your FB page would count.) Your book is THE BEST and a BIG CONGRATS to you on the success of your book! You deserve it!

  2. BreAnna S says:

    Oh, I’m so happy for you! That’s so exciting! All the photos you posted are just beautiful. Well done everyone! 🙂

  3. Rhonda says:

    I’m so excited for you!!! It SHOULD be available in more languages. After all, there are babies all over this world that deserve to have their mommies and daddies take amazing pictures of them 🙂

  4. Sara A says:

    Lisa, love your picture! I was also so excited to see the picture I took of my friend 🙂 And how exciting that Your Baby in Pictures is in Finnish!!! It’s exciting to think of other women feeling empowered to capture their baby’s most precious and fleeting moments.

  5. Me Ra Koh says:

    Thanks everyone! We are so excited!

    And yeah! Let’s do this contest!! I think we should have the photos posted to my FB page; This way my email doesn’t get overwhelmed. 🙂 And you’ve got to include what Photo-Recipe number and title you were inspired by! How’s that sound?!



  6. What a fun surprise today to see my picture on your blog. What great pics from everyone. Just goes to show you how awesome this book is. I love it!! The contest sounds like lots of fun. Count me in.

  7. Linda Baylis says:

    The book looks great Me Ra – after so much hard work it must be nice seeing the finished result. Even though I’ve decided to stick to weddings, might still have to get myself a copy. Hugs, Linda xoxoxo

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