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Sneak Peak of Friday’s @TheNateShow!

Tomorrow is going to be a BLAST on The Nate Berkus Show! Not only am I working with toddlers and babies (and we thought pets were tricky!) but I’m also going to show the pose ALL WOMEN should avoid at ALL costs (and a great pose to replace it with!).  Plus, I get to highlight some of my favorite holiday card and photo gift ideas!  All coming tomorrow!

Get a sneak peak today!

Fingers crossed, the timing of this show airing will bring that much more exposure to the SOAR! Scholarship so every woman who wants to SOAR! has a chance to enter.  (see details below)



p.s.  The SOAR! Scholarship is now open!  Got a photography dream but no camera gear, tools, or mentoring to support it?  Get your application turned in by Monday, December 20th, and your dream may be one of the three that are picked to SOAR!

CLICK HERE for all the juicy details!

p.s.s.  FREE SHIPPING on our award winning DVDs for the Holiday Season!  Woo-hoo! (love this time of year!)

  1. Rhonda says:

    You’re going to be great.
    I’m looking forward to another MeRa lesson.
    And dang – I already ordered my holiday cards.
    Oh well, ideas for the years to come.
    Soar is going to be amazing again this year. God brought you 3 amazing women last year and He is going to do the same this year.


  2. jen armstrong says:

    YAYYYY Me RA!!!!!!!!! Yay SOAR! Love it all!!!!