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Creative Live: Mother’s Day Event…Dealing with Stress

Me Ra Koh

Not sure if you heard, but Jules and Joy Bianchi are doing a special Mother’s Day event this week with Creative Live!  You can read all the details here! I’m excited and honored to play a small role in it.

A few weeks ago, Joy reached out to five or six of us that are mamas but also pro photographers.  We were asked to share some thoughts on what we wish we would have known, what we’ve learned along the way, how to balance being a mama and business woman, and more.  I spent a lot of time thinking and praying in regards to what I wanted to share in my video.  During a morning walk, it became crystal clear.  It’s around the issue of dealing with stress.  I’m excited to hear if it resonates with your hearts.

Not only will I be sharing my thoughts on handling stress, but I will also be joining Tamara Lackey, Clickin Moms, Sarah Petty, Totally Rad Actions and MORE in giving away a ton of FUN GOODIES throughout the three days!  Mother’s Day is going to be super sweet this year on Creative Live!

CLICK HERE to find out how to tune in for FREE to this special Mother’s Day event!



p.s.  BIG thank you to Creative Live for not only creating, AWE-mazing workshops for photographers, but also for supporting mamas with cameras so much!  What an awesome, awesome thing!




  1. I’m already signed up and anxiously awaiting it!!! πŸ™‚

  2. MeRa Koh, the blog appears to be down. πŸ™