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Back on The Nate Berkus Show!

Me Ra Koh

FUN NEWS!!!!  Tune in to the Nate Berkus Show TODAY as I answer photography questions from audience members!!!

I’m also thrilled to announce to all our blog readers that I’m writing the sequel to Your Baby in Pictures, to be called Your Child in Pictures, and this time I’d like to include some of YOUR beautiful photos!

This is your chance to get an image published and join me in inspiring moms to capture their kids!

There are a handful of things to prep your photo submission. Keep reading below to see what I’m looking for and all the details on how to submit! Yeah! I’m beaming with excitement about working alongside some of YOU!

Keep in mind, the deadline as you read!  DEADLINE is May 10th!  Only SEVEN DAYS left to submit YOUR Photo Recipe to be published in my new book!!!


The following guidelines must be followed when submitting your Photo Recipe. You may submit as many as you’d like!

Age Groups for Photo Recipes: 1-10 years old

To stay true to the first book, we want the photo recipes to inspire all levels, but also make sure we empower beginners who may or may not be using a DSLR. While they may not be able to take the exact image using a P&S, they should at least be able to get close and be inspired to keep growing.

Each Photo Recipe must follow the same format as Your Baby in Pictures;
A. A short intro to your photo recipe. Try not to stress about this part, we are more looking for background that I can write an introduction around. For example, Who is the photo of? Was there anything moving, unusual, funny or interesting that happened when you took the photo? Any extra tips about how to take a similar photo?

B. The steps to cook up your photo;

  1. When
  2. Prep
  3. Point and Shoot Settings
  4. DSLR Settings
  5. Compose
  6. Capture

Please Note: If any steps are missing, we won’t be able to consider using your recipe.

C. The EXIF data of your photo (aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings)

*If you don’t already own a copy of Your Baby in Pictures, you are going to help you better understand the steps above.

Every Photo Recipe must also have the following components;

  1. A Great Photo to Inspire Readers. This should be a photo that takes our breath away, makes us laugh, gets excited to pull out our camera and try the same shot
  2. It should capture a common developmental milestone or important moment (learning to ride a bike, climb a tree, point to their belly button, etc.) See below for some specific ideas that you can shoot for submission!
  3. It should include the age of child.

Submit your Photo as a low res jpg that is attached to the email, NOT within the email text. If your photo is chosen, we will request a hi-res image at that time. Make sure your photo is big enough for print. Final photos will need to be 300 dpi and at least 8 1/2″ wide x 10″ tall for verticals and 16″ wide x 10″ tall to meet print production requirements.

Full Name
Contact Number to Reach You At
City and State
How long you’ve been with us;
(if you are a CONFIDENCE grad) What City and Year You attended a CONFIDENCE Workshop
Whether or not you’ve seen our DVDs
How long you’ve been following the blog

Release Waiver
And most important, do you have permission/release waiver to publish the photo you are submitting. If it’s your own child, we will have you sign our release. If the child isn’t family, then we can forward you a release waiver to get permission from the parent. Please don’t submit your photo recipe if the parents aren’t open to the photo being published.

Where to Send?
All submissions must be emailed to my assistant on this project, Stephanie Boozer. Her email is


Winners will be chosen and notified by end of June 2012! Your name or website (whichever you prefer) will be credited with a possible quote about you from me.

More then one way to win!
A book is always limited to so many pages. If your image is not accepted for the book, I would still love the chance to spotlight your photo recipe on my blog! Make sure you include ALL the details above so we can contact you with other fun, empowering opportunities!


As I said above, each photo submitted should capture a common developmental milestone or important moment that moms experience with their kids. Below are some specific photos I’m looking for! Have fun with this! Think of it as a photo assignment (that may end up in print!)!

1-2 year old
-Imitating Domestic Activities like; cleaning, sweeping with a little broom, shaving with dad, etc
-Roll Playing; talking on the cell phone, wearing mom’s shoes, etc.
-Quiet Time; reading books in bed with dad, mom or grandparent
-Creative Playground Shot
-Dogs and/or Cats–this age is WILD about any dog or cat they see
-Disappearing Baby–a baby feature that is disappearing as they become toddlers, like; chunky legs, puffy cheeks, first hair do’s, first boo-boo’s, etc.
-Pointing out body parts: for example “Here’s My Belly Button!”
-How they “cling” to mom or dad during this stage

3-4 year old
-Potty Training
-Their Bedroom
-Princess Dress Up
-Tea Times
-Learning to Ride a Tricycle
-Love for Music and Playing Instruments
-Ballet Class

5-7 year old
-The crazy, fun way they dress themselves
-All the Stuffed Animals in their bed, maybe a funny photo with them posed in the middle of them all
-Any Defining Details they LOVE at this stage (fingernail polish, dolls, hair accessories, any boy details too! etc.)
-Writing Their Name
-Fixing their own hair or shaving with dad (this happens at two different stages)
-Learning to Ride a Bike

8-10 years old (I’m especially excited about this age group because so many parents tell me they slow way down in taking photos of this age, and they want to be inspired. This is our chance ladies to give them that inspiration!)
-How fast their growing with a growth chart or carpenter ruler on the wall
-Missing their two front teeth
-Tree Climbing
-Sports (Little League, Swimming Lessons/Swim Team, Soccer, etc)
-Finding identity outside of family; funny, adventurous, independent, etc.

Special Needs Photo Recipes
I’m also drafting out a specific section of the book to address the unique position of capturing Special Needs children. If you have a Special Needs child, Stephanie and I would LOVE to hear from you in regards to Photo Recipes that would inspire other Special Needs parents and photo tips you’ve learned that are specific to Special Needs kids.

If you can believe it, I have SEVERAL MORE Photo Recipes outside of the ideas above that are already underway! But I wanted to give you some focus on what to submit and what I’m looking for. I’m so excited for this book, and I’m especially excited to bring attention to your talent while inspiring moms around the world!

Thank you SO MUCH for submitting!

Again, use the Submission Guidelines above as a checklist to make sure you have everything in order.


Where to Send?
All submissions must be emailed to my assistant on this project, Stephanie Boozer. Her email is

Can’t wait to see your work!



  1. eek! I better go make sure my DVR is set!

  2. Yay, I’m glad I didn’t miss it!

  3. Saw it! You were great, as usual!

  4. at work πŸ™ won’t be able to see you

  5. Michelle S says:

    I will be watching!!! πŸ™‚

    I have submitted a few pictures with a number of them special needs. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see the book!