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Are You an Emerging Photographer? What’s in My Camera Bag!

One of the most common questions I’m asked is…

What’s In Your Camera Bag?

I’m excited to say that Emerging Photographer magazine called and asked if I’d share my answer for a feature article!  Have you heard of Emerging Photographer magazine?

OMG, it is SUPER COOL!  Packed with great articles that inspire, teach and equip YOU!  If you consider yourself an aspiring/emerging photographer, subscribe!  It’s FREE!

Here is the article on What’s in My Camera Bag.  But CLICK HERE to sign up for your own copy (that will have a much easier font size to read vs my blog :)).

Big thanks to SONY’s Artisans of Imagery Program (@SonyElectronics and @SonyAOI) and PDN for this wonderful honor!





  1. ooo – thansk for the recommendation! always looking for photography resources!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this article, and this resource! Signed up for my free subscription. Love reading about all your photography equipment.