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2,000 Visitors to Our Website in One Month!

Me Ra Koh

Today was a big day for ! I checked our statistics for the month of August, and we broke 2,000 “unique visitors”, and it’s not even the end of August yet. πŸ™‚

As of today at 5:30pm, we’ve had 2038 Unique Visitors, 2825 Number of Visits (return visits), and 14686 Pages Viewed on our Website for August! We’re even averaging 100 Unique Visitors every day from all over the world. (Unique Visitors are people who have never visited our .) As part of our stats report we have this great map of the world which shows us the different cities and countries people are at that view our site. I’m overwhelmed at how many people from Seattle to South Africa to Thailand are finding us.

Ever since we went live with our new site and at the same time gained more national and international publicity, the exposure to our site and work has exploded. I’ve got to thank BluDomain for the great design they did on our site. And I especially want to thank True Tone Productions for the incredible music they wrote just for our site. Our success has not been found by doing it all on your own. Both these companies have been such a great help to us, and we can’t thank them enough!



  1. bleubraaten says:

    I can’t believe we’ve had over 2000 unique hits on the site! This is so exciting!