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Pet Photo Tips on Live with Kelly

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There was a LOT going on with this segment!  Right?!  LOL!

You didn’t even see it all!  We had THREE adult dogs, and one of those dogs decided to wander the audience instead of being in the photos.  It was PERFECT!  So funny!  The other two decided the cameras and live audience were a bit overwhelming and bailed.  The two puppies, they were so sleepy and cute!

Then we had an ADORABLE 7 month old baby and a super cute 18 month old toddler named Charlie.  I LOVE how Charlie walked on to the set, tossed the dog’s ball to Kelly, and walked off.  Is that real life, or what?

I LOVE doing segments on Live with Kelly for so many reasons.  Number one, Kelly is great!  She loves to make people laugh and have a good time.  Not every TV host would be comfortable with bringing babies, toddlers and pets on all at once.  Can you blame them?  Yet, the chaos and unpredictability is real life.  Right?!  That’s another reason why I loved doing this segment.  Photography can get so stressful for people, but we’ve got to keep it fun.  We can’t control everything.  And the unexpected moments is often what brings us the most joy!

What camera was I using?  Sony a6300 (When moms ask me what camera to buy, this is my answer.  It’s an amazing starter camera for photo lovers!)

In cased you missed my pet photo tips on Live with Kelly, here they are;

So funny! Watch Me Ra Koh share Pet Photo Tips on Live with Kelly!

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