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Photographing Kids: Do They Feel Invisible?

Me Ra Koh

With digital cameras and iphones, we take are endlessly photographing kids.  But I wonder if our kids feel unseen in it all. With all the picture taking, do they feel invisible?

Found wonderful advice on photographing kids and involving them in the process from Me Ra Koh, The Photo Mom

We may tell ourselves that kids feel noticed that much more, but have you ever been snapping away photographing kids and noticed how they were physically there but not emotionally there.  Yes, their face is in the photo.  But the story that lives within them, their voice–that light in their eyes, is missing.

When I’m doing a family shoot, I often look for ways to collaborate with the kids.  I’ll ask them questions like;

“This part of the photo shoot is all about YOU!  What kind of photo would you like me to take of you…that shows me who you are?!”

“How should we set up your doll for the perfect photo?…Where should we put you in the photo?!”

“How would you stand, if I was trying to take a picture that shows you being the tough guy (the cuddly one, the shy one, the silly one, etc)?”

I ask kids as many questions as possible, and I’m always amazed at their answers.  They have the most incredible ideas…ideas I could NEVER make up!  Thanks to Stress Free Baby blog who did a write up on my Blissdom photography sessions, YOU can watch a 2 minute video of me speaking on this topic.  In this video, I share an example of a shoot where my heart wanted to give this little boy a voice.  What the little boy gave me in return was far beyond anything I could have ever expected.

Let’s brainstorm together!  I’ve written a handful of questions I ask when photographing kids.  What are more questions we could ask that would invite them in to the creative process and give them voice?









  1. freida hall says:

    beautiful message delivered in your video… thank you for sharing.

    i have found that the kids love viewing the photos of them on the back of my camera and they really LOVE when i allow them to put my camera strap around their neck and put their eye up to the rear of the camera and take an actual photo of mom and dad (while i help hold the camera with them)… they always get super excited with big smiles… it’s special to them.

    enjoy your wednesday Me Ra 🙂 See you soon 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    How flipping cute are those pictures? I will have to remember that for when a little one has a stuffed friend with them. 🙂

    Whenever a child looks apprehensive about being in front of the camera, I start the session by asking them if they would like to be the boss of the session and come up with posing ideas. Most kids love this because they get to tell me (and their parents) what to do. 🙂