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30 Portraits of Babies Using Window Light and Shadows

Me Ra Koh

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During Day One of our CONFIDENCE Workshop, Brian and I have our workshop attendees do all sorts of funny finger exercises to better understand the concepts of depth of field (in learning how to get that buttery blurry background).  They may feel silly, but the concepts stick!  Shooting indoors and actually getting great photo results can almost seem impossible.  But when you understand depth-of-field and how to take advantage of that fancy camera you bought, things become clear really fast!  There is a number on your camera’s lens.  It often has an “f” in front of it like, f/3.5-5.6 or f/1.8.  The lower that number (your f-stop/aperture), the more light your lens will let in, AND A DOUBLE WIN because the more buttery, blurry your background will also be!  After a few hours of laughing, doing funny hand exercises and seeing photo examples, we bring the babies in.  🙂

Day One CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop for Women with Me Ra Koh

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