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Your Family in Pictures Releases Today!

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Your Family in Pictures RELEASES Today!  WOO HOO!!!

Your Family in Pictures, Me Ra Koh, Best Selling Series

Five years ago, I sat with my long-time business mentor Jeff Jochum.  I told him about my photo recipe idea, and how I wanted to write an instructional photography book for moms that mirrored the successful layouts of cookbooks.  I LOVE it when a cookbook gives me the recipe, step-by-step, while showing me a beautiful photo of what I’m going to create.  Jeff, being who he always is, saw more in me than just one book.  He saw a series of photo recipe books.  The rest is history!

For the last five days, you can find ALL THREE BOOKS on AMAZON’S BESTSELLER’S TOP 10 LIST!

#3 Your Baby in Pictures

#7 Your Child in Pictures

and now…

#4 Your Family in Pictures!!!!


Me Ra Koh best selling photo books on Amazon

A book’s success, especially a series, is in large part because of the community that helps inspire it.  Not only do my clients, CONFIDENCE Teachers and workshop attendees, family and all of you play a big role in each of my books–but I have to give special credit to Jeff Jochum for the idea of a series that we hoped would one day be bestselling!  (Jeff, we need to celebrate!)

What you will find in Your Family in Pictures: The Parents’ Guide to Photographing Holidays, Family Portraits and Everyday Life;

MORE PHOTOS to inspire you than we printed in the first two books!

40 NEW Photo Recipes that share all the “camera” ingredients so you can create the same family photos!

Me Ra Koh, Your Family in Pictures, Behind-the-Scenes


















MORE TIPS and TRICKS than the last two books!  Here are a few examples;

 -10 Steps to Set Up Your Photos for Success

– 9 Ideas for Getting Your Family in the Mood

Sisters, Me Ra Koh, Portraits


-My Top 10 Times to Take Family Candid Photos

 -9 Cues for When to Shoot or Convert to Black-and-White

 -8 Ways to Discover Color, Line, Shape and Texture


Plus, there is a special section dedicated to capturing tweens and teens!  (Shout out to all the Tweens  and Teens (and their parents) who want to be photographed in a way that feels respectful but fun and creative too!)

More than 25 Contributors You Know!

Keep a look out from other mom contributors; a combination of beautiful blog readers, Restart and Magical Light online students, workshop attendees and CONFIDENCE Teachers.  My mission is to instill confidence in moms, and what better way than giving other moms an opportunity to have their beautiful photos published!  Their wonderful work and insights are a gift to this book!  I can’t wait for you to learn from them too!  You may see some you know!  In fact, if you are one of those moms feel free to identify yourself and chime in!

Where to Purchase YFIP?

You can find Your Family in Pictures at your local bookstore or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound.

Your Family in Pictures, Me Ra Koh, Best Selling Series

*First 20 Readers Will Receive an Autographed Copy!

To celebrate today, I’ve got a fun treat!!  We did this with both Your Baby in Pictures and Your Child in Pictures, and I think we should keep the tradition going!  The first 20 people to purchase AND post an awesome review on Amazon for Your Family in Pictures will receive a SECOND autographed copy from me!  You can either keep the autographed copy, or you can save it for your next baby shower gift to go with book one and two!

Once you post your review, email us your review at with your mailing address!  MWAH!  A big, heart, THANK YOU!!!!

I can’t wait to hear what you all think!



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