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Holy COW!!!  After mentioning the contest idea in yesterday’s blog post, your beautiful, AWESOME, GORGEOUS, INSPIRING photo recipe results started showing up on my FB page!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  And by the middle of the day, an amazing gal named BreAnna posted her FORTY photo recipe results!!!  BreAnna!!! That was so LIGHTINING FAST!!  Girl, you are motivated to come to a CONFIDENCE Workshop!  You have won a seat!!! I’m honestly in shock that you posted them that fast.  Speechless girl!

For everyone else!!!

I never expected anyone to post their FORTY photo recipe results so fast!  So I’ve decided to keep them fun going!  I’m offering FIVE MORE Gift Certificates of 50% off the Early Bird (which means the workshop would only be $400 instead of $999–the normal workshop cost).  The next five people to post ALL forty of their Photo Recipe results on my FB page will win one of these Gift Certificates to a CONFIDENCE Workshop in 2011-2012! (see the fine print below)

For those of you who missed yesterday’s blog, here’s the scoop!

There are FORTY different Photo Recipes in my book, Your Baby in Pictures. 

The first one to post on my FB page their own results for ALL FORTY photo recipes, wins one of the five gift certificates!  Yep, that means the winners are posting 40 photos from 40 photo recipes!  If you’ve always wanted to attend our CONFIDENCE Workshop, this is your chance honey!  And in the meantime, we get to celebrate your photos and be completely INSPIRED by YOU!!!

How to Play!

1. Start by hitting the “like” button for this blog post! Let’s spread the word!

2. Photos must be posted on my FB page; CLICK HERE!

3. Click Photos.  In the top right hand corner you’ll see a box that says “Upload Photos”

4. Tell us the Photo Recipe # and Title from the book (this will help us keep count and make sure you got em all!)

5. Tweet it out as you post your photos and include me on it so I know!  twitter: @merakoh

*To buy your copy of Your Baby in Pictures, CLICK HERE!

To see the CONFIDENCE Workshop Fall Cities still available, CLICK HERE!

Happy Shooting and Posting Ladies!!!



p.s. Little bit of fine print…If a CONFIDENCE Workshop is already SOLD OUT, we invite you to choose any of the workshops that still have space!  CLICK HERE to see the Fall Workshop cities!  The Gift Certificate expires 8/2012.  This contest does not include travel or lodging, but does include your lunch on Saturday and Sunday…AND both of our Award Winning DVDs, plus ALL SIX 101 Kits and a chance to win more at the workshop itself!  Pretty sweet deal, huh!!  (All CONFIDENCE Attendees receive the DVDs and 101 Kits that is over $500 in value!)  MWAH!


  1. Sarah N says:

    Congratulations to BreAnna!! How exciting that you won a seat to a Confidence Workshop! Your pictures of your little one are amazing!

    Can’t wait to see who else wins. Me Ra, it is so awesome that you are doing this!

  2. Sarah N says:

    I also can’t wait to see all the beautiful photos! I love all the sweet moments and precious details…. 🙂

  3. Sara A says:

    Congratulations, BreAnna! I am so happy for you–it’s well deserved for sure. You’ve been such a wonderful addition to the Soarority forums, and I love reading your posts, which are always thoughtful, sincere, and honest. You will love the Confidence Workshop!

  4. Andrea says:

    congratulations, BreAnna!! I’m so happy for you!

  5. ali anderson says:

    GO BreAnna! You are going to LOVE the workshop – can’t wait to hear all about it!

  6. BreAnna Schumacher says:

    Shut the front door… Are you serious?!?!?

    I really can’t believe it. I didn’t think mine would count since our son was over age 1 when I started using the book as a guide. But, thank you, thank you…a thousand times thank you!! You have no idea how EXCITED I am! (I need to find a new word…I think I’ve said “excited” about a million times in the last 15 minutes lol).

    I just have to say that I LOVE this book! Aside from the specific milestones in the book, I have tried to keep as much info from it in my head so that at a moment’s notice I’m ready (which is necessary when you have a toddler). I have learned so much…how important those “defining details” are, how to use lighting, and so much more. Just because you don’t have a newborn doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use this book. Although, I must admit…it does make me want to have another baby *sigh*.

    Again, thank you so much Me Ra!!! You have no idea how blessed I feel right now!

  7. Yay BreAnna!!!! This is going to be a stellar year for you. You are such an loyal fan of the Ask and Learns! You are going to learn TONS this year! WooWOO!

  8. Me Ra says:

    BreAnna! I’m CRAZY EXCITED for you TOO!!!! Thank you for the wonderful feedback on the book too!!! Can you copy and paste that as a review on Amazon girl?! 😉 Love it!!

    And wow, check out the FB page!! There are some AMAZING photos being posted for this contest!! I’m LOVING this contest!!


  9. Leslie Chang says:

    Thank you for starting this contest! I looove everyone’s photos…love the excitement…LOVE IT!

  10. BreAnna Schumacher says:

    Unfortunately, Amazon won’t let me write another review for the book, but I did add on to my existing review…hope that helps! 🙂

  11. KarenC says:

    What a fun contest! I have been so excited to give Your Baby In Pictures to two new mom’s so far! They both loved receiving your book, and I love that they are starting their photo memories of their new little ones with such awesome tips from you, Me Ra! And soooo happy for you, BreAnna! I enjoy your questions in the Forum and can’t wait to hear how much you love the Workshop!!

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