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CONFIDENCE Winners, See their Photo Recipe Results!

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Last week, we did the most FUN contest to celebrate your photo recipe results from “Your Baby in Pictures“!  I invited women to post on my FB page all forty, yes FORTY, of their photo recipe results from my book!  The prize…FIVE winners would get 50% OFF the Early Bird price for our CONFIDENCE Workshops!  Well, holy smokes!  I thought this contest would take a couple weeks because forty photo recipes are a lot!  But NO!  These women had their photos ready to go!!!  Within the day we had winners!  Check out a sample of their awesome photos!  If you want a chance to win this contest, see the juicy details below!

A BIG congrats to LISA WARD! 

Inspired by Photo Recipe #33, “Everyday Settings to Remember”

Inspired by Photo Recipe #36, “Flying Cherub Silhouette”

Our next winner is LESLIE CHANG!

Inspired by Photo Recipe #32: “Those Sweet White Shoes”…or red!  (Leslie commented on how the Photo Recipe “Your Baby’s Heritage” also inspired this photo because she is Chinese and her husband is British.  Just ADORABLE!)

Inspired by Photo Recipe #15 “The Push-up” (You can just see how hard Leslie’s twins are working at pushing themselves up! I LOVE IT!)

Next winner was JENNIFER LLOYD GRAY!

Inspired by Photo Recipe #5,  “The Fleeting Hair Swirl”  This is one of the most gorgeous fleeting hair swirls!  Beautiful Jennifer!

Inspired by Photo Recipe #25, “The First Swim”

I especially loved that butterfly swimsuit because butterflies are one of my FAVORITE things to wear!  She’s a kindred spirit with me!  🙂

Our fourth winner is DANA CONLAN MERILL!

Inspired by Photo Recipe #17, “Baby and Toddler Together (Yes, It’s Possible!)”  Wow Dana!  You captured so many amazing moments, but this one is a favorite of mine!  So precious!!!  Wonderful job!

Inspired by Photo Recipe #34, “Making a Messy Meal Worth It”  I’d say they are making that ice cream worth it, and you are by capturing the moment!  GREAT JOB Dana!!!


Our FIFTH Winner…could it be YOU????

We had a lot of wonderful photos posted, but you have to post all 40 photo recipe results to win this contest!  If you want to be our fifth winner and get to attend a CONFIDENCE Wkshp for $400 instead of $999!!!!…. CLICK HERE for all the contest details!

Congrats again to the winners!  Your photos are WONDERFUL!  ALL OF THEM!!! Email Genie,, to get your coupon code for an upcoming CONFIDENCE Workshop! I can’t wait to MEET YOU!

To see all forty of the winners’ photos scroll down on my FB page!



  1. Sarah N says:

    Congrats ladies!! Your photos are awesome!

  2. BreAnna says:

    CONGRATS Lisa, Leslie, Jennifer, & Dana!!! These are all such sweet photos (and so are the others you posted on Me Ra’s FB page). I’m so happy for all of you!! 🙂

  3. Nicky says:

    Congrats Ladies!! You will learn SO much!!!

  4. Leslie C says:

    Woohoo! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Big congrats to Lisa, Jennifer & Dana! I am sooo excited – in spite of the fact that we (Washington DC) just had an earthquake big enough to shake the house and wake up the children from their nap!

  5. Lisa Ward says:

    WoW… I can’t stop smiling because I’m SO excited 🙂 Thanks for this contest, Me Ra! Congrats to Leslie, Jennifer, and Dana! Maybe I’ll meet some of you at the workshop… can’t wait!

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