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Mud Baths and Floating in the Dead Sea

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Our family travel show goes to the Dead Sea for a spa day with the whole family! 

Kids love to play in the dirt, but spreading thick mud all over your bodies takes “playing in the dirt” to a whole new level!  And believe me, we get seriously dirty as our family travel show goes to Israel’s Dead Sea for an unforgettable spa day.  The salt is so intense that you can’t stand up–no matter how hard you try!

Brian and Blaze co-host this episode together, and they rock it!  The best part of this whole episode is the little tip that Blaze learns from personal experience.  He shares this hilarious tip at the very end.  You won’t guess what it is.  And I promise, you’ll LOVE it!  LOL!

Cutting Room Floor Tidbits

Since you can’t fit everything into a three minute episode…here’s some more fun things we learned!  Lots of people come to the Dead Sea from all over the world to treat Psoriasis, an autoimmune skin disease.  Our hotel room overlooked the Dead Sea, and I remember waking up at 3am to use the restroom.  Can you believe that people were still floating in the water?  They float in it 24 hours a day.  Some people stay in the hotels, but others camp on the beaches and soak all night and all day.  I had never seen anything like it.  The Dead Sea is also decreasing in size every year.  If there was ever a time to visit it, it’s now.

Near the Dead Sea is the famous Masada, a massive, ancient fortress that King Herod built between 37 and 31 BC.  The tragic story behind Masada should be it’s own episode.  Since the heat is unbearable during the day (you are in a dessert), Brian and Blaze left at 3:30am to hike up Masada’s Snake Path–a trail of switchbacks that climb almost a 1000 ft in less than a hour.   With all their camera gear and tripods, they did it!  If you want to photograph the sunrise, hiking up Snake Path is your only bet.  If you don’t care about sunrises, you can take the cable car after breakfast.  (That’s what Pascaline and I did.)  But Brian and Blaze said they would do it again for the experience of capturing sunrise images like this…

Family Travel Show Goes to the Dead Sea

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