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Help Me Brainstorm Ideas for “Summer Love” & You Can Win…

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We had an incredible, inspiring turn out for our Gatherings Photo Contest.  I’m eagerly awaiting to hear back from the judges on who the winners are so I can call and congratulate them myself!  But while we wait, I’d love your input on the categories for the next photo contest!  The theme is going to be “SUMMER LOVE”.

What type of photos come to mind when you read the words “Summer Love”?  We want to hear from you!  What categories would you love to see for this contest?  I’m thinking a Baby category for sure!  What would you name that category;  Water Baby, Baby Sunshine, Beach Baby…?  Names that inspire ideas but aren’t limiting to just swimming pool or beach shots.  You also can’t talk about summertime without thinking of KIDS.  Got a fun idea for a summer/kid category?

I had to show this photo because it makes me think of summer with the beach, blue waters and swings hanging from a palm tree.  This photo also makes me laugh.  The kids were actually trying to ram into each other which was stressing me out–you can see Blaze trying to keep his toes from getting smooshed–and not really behaving with “summer love” for each other, but it’s what we WANT the story to be sometimes too…right?!  Keep it real ladies! 🙂

What other categories should we do?  Maybe a wedding or romance category or a travel/vacation type category (thank you Southwest Airlines!).

You tell us!

Post your ideas for categories and category titles in the comments today!  If we pick your idea, we will send you a little gift to start the “Summer Love” Photo Contest!



p.s.  My first Online Course starts June 6th!  The class is “How to Capture Magical Light”.  I’m so excited!  We’ve never done online classes before, but it seemed like a fun idea for the summer.  For more details, CLICK HERE!




  1. I think summer vacation and romance categories for sure! Also, maybe a summer treats food category? When I think of summer I think of the traditional hot-weather treats, but also summer fairs, farmer’s markets, and the bounty from the garden.

  2. oh, I missed that we’re supposed to include a title… maybe Summertime Sweets for the food category?

  3. Jennifer Leigh Tacbas says:

    What about a pet category this time around? Like Sandy Paws, Summer Tails or the Dog Days of Summer?

  4. RachelAbelson says:

    I think Baby Love might be good for babies. It could be anything that babies love…water, sunbathing, popsicles, etc….
    Maybe “Magic of Summer” could include anything from fireworks to love to nature.
    “Tastefully Summer” for summer foods

  5. EBPitcher says:

    Beat the Heat: Kick Back and Chill – a category for all the relaxing photos of summer
    Summer Sunset / Sunrise – glowing photos of summer

  6. Shauna Geyer says:

    When I think of summer I think of two main categories… being outside and food. So my ideas for titles of some categories would be “Tastebuds” (because summer wouldn’t be complete without a barbecue and other treats to cool you down!) and “Fun in the Sun” (outdoor recreation).

    I also think a general water theme would be fun, maybe “Splish Splash”?

    I hope these help a little! 🙂 Sounds like a fun contest!

  7. Sarah C says:

    Think the contests are fun to see submissions, wish the fee wasn’t so high. Summer firsts (swimming w/o life vest, jumping off the dock, riding bikes…) Best group shot with ages… Best s’more shot

  8. Another idea… Generations of Love (yes, inspired by your tulip shoot!): family pictures featuring multiple generations

  9. Christian Leigh says:

    “Summer Quest” or “Backyard Adventures”
    Capture the creative games/activities children engage in during the summer.

  10. BreAnna says:

    With all the beautiful summer sunsets, what about a “Summer Silhouettes” category? Just an idea 🙂

  11. Me Ra says:

    I so LOVE asking for your input! You ladies always have awesome ideas! Keep them coming!


  12. BreAnna says:

    Maybe “Summer Lovebirds” – couples, engagements, etc.?

  13. Han Lattari says:

    Here’s the thing, Facebook is for Facebooking. Everyone wants to take a piece of every pie even if there are no pieces left. Facebook experimenting with video is a prime example of that. Remember last year when everyone and their cousin got into the VOD game and tried to mimic Amazon’s PPV system? That market crashed horribly. Facebook didn’t learn anything from that.

  14. Not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, but that grouper is actually a Gag? grouper; not a black. Anyway, nice job guys! Bonefish is one of my favorite places in Destin!