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Five NEW Inspiring Photo Contest Finalists! Check Em Out!

Are you ready for a NEW round of Five Inspiring Finalists?  Here we go friends!  We had two Photo Contests run simultaneously.  Both Photo Contests had a theme of COMFORT.  One Photo Contest challenged you to focus on using BLUR/Low F-stops = buttery, blurry backgrounds.  The other Photo Contest challenged you to use the theme of COMFORT combined with a BACKGROUND that has PURPOSE.  This second focus is what our Five Finalists have accomplished at INSPIRING levels!   Coming to you from a remote island in Thailand, where I only have electricity from 6pm to 6am, here are your FIVE beautiful, inspiring Finalists!  🙂

but wait!  There is a second chance to win a CAMERA for voting??!!

Yes, you heard me right!  It’s the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W220/P 12.1 MP Digital Camera!!! And it’s PINK!  Can you get another color?  I guess, but why would you!  :)

We almost did it last week, and so here’s the deal for this week!   If we get 600 plus votes, yes 600 by this Monday (at midnight PST), we get to give one of the Random Voters a hip, new, Sony Cyber-shot!  Not to bad for taking the time to cast a vote, huh!

Can you believe that?!  I’m so pumped!  But that means you’ve got to tell ALL your friends, family, even wake up Granny, and get them to post their vote in TODAY’s comments! I know this contest is going to get crazy real fast with the voting, so we are going to close the voting this Monday night, February 22nd, at midnight PST.  That means you have from now until midnight on Monday to vote!

Q:  How do you vote?  What do you win? See the FAQ below! (It’s super easy.)

Q:  What does the winning Finalist get?  Ooooh, that’s good and juicy!  See below for those details!

Q:  What are we voting for?  Check it out…

Without further delay, I’d like to introduce you to the TOP FIVE FINALISTS for the COMFORT and Background Photo Contest! Notice how they specifically used the background to enhance the overall story of their images.  You were also asked to put our Depth of Field conversation into practice with an overall feeling of COMFORT in your theme.  And wow!  Your images are amazing!

1. Turning Three! by Keilah Engstrom in Washington state.

The background action around this little birthday girl is CLASSIC!  Every kid wants a chance at blowing out those candles, and it’s all over the little guy’s face behind her. And then I love the framing of this image.  I’m assuming Keilah got down to eye level with her birthday girl because of the adults we see in the background. It’s such a classic image that deserves to be celebrated for the timing, the framing, and more!  Thank you for inspiring us Keilah with this image!  Click on Keilah’s name to see more of her work!

2.  Everyday Beautiful by Ashley Julian in Washington state.

And then I got to Ashley’s image.  Her baby in the highchair, and the word Beautiful written above him…it made my heart go “ahhhhh”.   She said in her email that the word beautiful just happened to be there, and she saw the shot.  Everyday beauty brings her comfort, and this is her everyday beauty. I’m inspired by this image to see the Beautiful in the every day around us.  Ashley wasn’t tight framed on this shot, but everything in the image enhances the story of this lovely little one and this, particular moment.  Thank you Ashley for this image.  We loved it!  Click on Ashley’s name to see more of her work!

3.  The Sweetness of Girls by Summer Davis in Great Falls, Montana.

The power of this image is in the background.  It’s those two heart cut outs right above the girls’ heads.  I just love how those hearts make this moment so sweet.  It sends me back to memories of childhood when summer afternoons were spent with my girlfriend, our dolls, and talks on the daybed.  Framing this image so that the hearts were above the girls is genius!  I also love that Summer made this image black and white because it adds a timeless feel to this moment so we can all remember our childhood memories.  Thank you Summer for this image.  The sweetness just oozes out!  Click on  Summer’s name to see more of her work!

4. Grandbaby by Amy Schuff in Sacramento, CA.

At first glance, I’m caught up by the new grandma’s joy at seeing her grandbaby.  But the story keeps going when I see the background.  The background enhances the story of this image with such power.  Talk about incredible timing!  The proud dad smiling, about to be embraced and patted on the back.  You can almost hear the joy in this image.  Amy, timing is everything on this type of image, and you nailed it!  Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful moment with all of us.  It is truly inspiring!  Click on Amy’s name to see more of her work!

5.  Sleeping with His Two Buds by Sara Kelly in Seattle, WA.

This is another image that drew me in to surprising depths.  At first I see this sweet little toe head asleep, and I’m caught up in all that beautiful hair he has!  And then I see dad’s feet blurred in the background.  And THEN I see the dog’s pointed ears in the background, and I’m thinking “Oh my goodness!  There is so much to this story that it keeps going and going!”  This is the type of background we strive for in our images.  Background that doesn’t distract but enhances the story to surprising depths.  And wow, Sara, you did an AMAZING job!  Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

There it is!  Your new Fabulous Five Finalists! Didn’t I tell you they were AMAZING!  Click on their names to see more of their work!  But vote before you go b/c whoever gets the most votes will WIN!!

And all of you, plus the winners, have the opportunity to win a Sony Cyber-shot Camera! All you have to do is post a comment and vote for your favorite finalist. Leave a few words about why they were your favorite, and you are entered into the Sony Cyber-shot Camera drawing!

Let’s go!  We got over 600 last week!  We only need 600 this week!   HERE WE GO!


FAQ #1: How do you vote?

Answer: Just click on the pink word “Comments” at the end of this blog post. Put the # of photo your voting for first (it makes counting the votes way faster), and then add a few words about why you like their image the most. Remember, your comments and feedback give to the Five Finalists more than any prize from us. Please be kind, encouraging, and share all that you can with these wonderful Five Finalists! Your feedback on their images is priceless! That’s why we do the Random Voter Awards, because we appreciate your voting and feedback so much. So spread the word to family and friends! And ask them to vote! We need 750 VOTES to give this camera away!

(Please vote one time for one image. Thanks!)

FAQ #2: Is there a new Photo Contest happening right now? And when is the Deadline?

Answer: Not yet!  After we finish the voting for these two contests, we’ll announce the next Photo Contest Theme.  It’s one my favorite Photo Contest Themes so far!

FAQ #3: What are the prizes for the Random Voters and the Finalist?

Answer: Scroll on down!!

Prizes for the Winning Finalist and the Random Voter Winners!

In the last couple of contests, we’ve broken our record for votes received!  You all spread the word, and the votes came rolling in! If we clear 600 votes on this contest, we are going to pick a Random Voter (not necessarily #600, but a RANDOM Voter) to win the Sony Cyber-shot camera!!!

And then we’ll keep going and pick one more Random Voters to win a $25 customized, cool looking Starbucks card! So that’s one Random Winner of a new, slick Sony Cyber-shot camera, and one MORE random winner of $25 customized Starbucks cards, if we clear 600!

Deadline for all voting is this Monday night, 4 days from now, 2/22, at midnight PST!! That means we have to clear 600 votes by that time for two Random Voters to be picked and win a pink (or different color:)) Sony Cybershot Camera!

Prize for being the Winner of the Five Finalists!!!

Now what about the finalist’s prize! What will they get?  Well first, each finalist should vote too so they get a fair shot of winning the Sony Cyber-shot camera!  And then the Winning Finalists gets THREE SPECIAL PRIZES!!!

1. Get Girded Up with Award Winning Resources! Their choice of one of our popular 101 Kits: The Essentials to Starting a Photography Business OR the Downloadable version of our Award Winning Refuse to Say Cheese/Beyond the Green Box DVD series.

2.  Continue Your Creativity After the Shooting! Their own copy of Adobe’s Lightroom 2.0 Software!!!!  (thank you Adobe!)

3.  Don’t Hide Your Winning Photo!  Show It Off!!! And the newest addition to our Winning Finalist prizes, their winning photo will be printed on a beautiful canvas!  Our SOAR! Partner, Pixel2Canvas, has joined the Photo Contests as of this year!   And we are so excited b/c now your winning image will be on a BIG, Beautiful Canvas for the wall!

So get all your friends and family to jump on here and vote before this Monday at midnight!




  1. Carmalee says:

    #5 I had to spend a lot of time on this photo to take it all in; this is the kind of image I love on my walls. Well done Sara! I also think the story that Amy caught in #4 is amazing; there is so much happening in such a small space following childbirth, it definitely takes some talent to capture such an image! Thank you to Keilah, Ashley & Summer for bringing back fond memories!

  2. Rachel Anderson says:

    My vote is for #5! Love it!!

  3. Gina says:

    all beautiful, but #2 pulled me in. great job, everyone!!

  4. Andria says:

    # 4 is beautiful.

  5. Terry says:

    My vote is for #3. I can feel the carefree love just shinning through this picture. Oh to be that innocent age again! Love the black and white and love the light shinning through the hearts over the girls heads. Summer did a wonderful job capturing the moment in this picture!

  6. jeramy says:

    congratulations to all the finalists! “comfort”…..what a truly inspiring theme for the photo contest. absolute brilliance! well…let’s see….my vote….hmmm…..i choose #5. fantastic shot sara. nothing says comfort like a sleeping child, warm and safe in their dad’s arms. great job! and the blurry feet…well, that’s just text book i say. text book! i hope you win!

    mera and b-money….send some thai sun rays my way! 🙂 it’s raining like seattle here. cheers!

  7. Amy N says:

    Love #1!!

  8. #4. Totally tells a powerful, happy story in one picture. Timing could not have been more perfect.

  9. Rachel Healy says:

    I vote for number 3! So cute and sweet! And Such rich Composition!

  10. dana j says:

    #2 Everday beautiful is AWESOME!!!! They are all wonderful, truly and it is hard!

  11. April says:

    #2…it is simple and perfect. I love the color and the composition..lovely!

  12. Noelle J. says:

    #3–wow–the placement of those hearts is perfect and speaks so much!

  13. Lila says:

    #4 – what awesome timing!!

  14. Katie says:

    #3 absolutely awesome!

  15. jess says:

    #1 – it was SO hard to choose just one! They are all amazing and beautiful and great examples of perfect timing. But #1 just made me smile 🙂 It is such a classic shot, and I love how it’s framed and the little boy helping her blow out the candles in the background. Great job, Keilah…and all the ladies!

  16. Kristy Freeman says:

    #5 – I love the muted colors, the line is clear and smooth, you flow right through the image.

  17. Christine says:

    #3, because it made me pick up the phone to call my childhood friend and tell her how much I loved memories of us playing dolls together

  18. I’m torn between two photos. But I’m going with number 3. I love the retro timeless feel of this image of young friends. It takes me back to my own childhood. And the fact that the closer one is in her swimsuit just totally adds to the story in my head. Nice job! 🙂

  19. Dawn Newton says:

    I love this! It reminds me of more carefree days with my best friend! It is a quiet restful theme.

  20. Dawn Newton says:

    Ooops!! #3…..ditto above comment, I made it, for got the voting #

  21. Sarah says:

    #3 – the picture is timeless & just so precious

  22. Michelle Gjerde says:

    #3 It really portrays innocence of childhood and the friendship that goes with it. WOW great job!

  23. lynda says:

    #3 … love the sweet look on the little girls face, the light … everything!

  24. Kim S. says:

    Number 3 is the sweetest picture I have ever seen!

  25. Nicky says:

    #4 makes me so happy!!

    All are beautiful!!

  26. Stacy says:

    #3…what wonderful memories this photo brings back! Absolutely gorgeous!

  27. Jamie says:

    #1. This picture tells a wonderful story and I love that it’s from the birthday girl’s level. You can see that this is a celebration and catching the little boy blowing out the candles too is just priceless. Love it!

  28. Michele says:

    All the images are amazing! Very hard choice 🙂 Kudos to all.

  29. Hailey says:

    My vote is for #2. I love the simplicity of this picture.

  30. John W. says:

    i like #3 the bestest.

  31. Nicole says:

    #1 – This is one of the best birthday photos I have ever seen. I feel like I’m there helping to blow out the candles.

  32. michelle says:

    #3- I love them all, but this one made my heart melt a little.

  33. Dani says:

    #3 – Beautiful work Summer! I love the detail you always pay attention to in you photography!

  34. Mara says:

    #3 I love this picture Summer! It takes me back to childhood; I want to jump in a bathing suit and run through the sprinkler or hide under the sheets and share secrets with my sister after looking at this beautiful image 🙂

  35. Jenn says:

    #3 – love it!!!

  36. Jennifer says:

    #3 Captures the timeless beauty of friendship! Way to go Summer!!!

  37. Karen says:

    #3 great shot!

  38. Lynn says:

    Can someone please tell me why I cant see the pictures?

  39. Sybilla F says:

    #5 now that’s comfort

  40. Wenmei says:

    #5 – I love the depth of the photo, the peace on the little boy’s face, and the beautiful tone!

  41. Sarah Mc says:

    #4. this is a winning shot. you can feel it, hear it, smell it. i love it.


  42. Robin Fuehrer says:

    #4- the emotion of this moment just comes right through! It made me long for another turn in the delivery room… just the blissfull after part mind you, not the labor part:)

  43. MommiePie says:


    It was a very difficult decision, but I choose it because I have a physical & emotional response to it when I see it. That’s the power of a great photo!

  44. Teri Bigio says:

    #2 I love the quaint feel of it, the composition, which draws me all the way back to the blackboard with the writing. I keep moving my eye from the child to the word “Beautiful.”

  45. CA says:

    #3 Again my vote is because it brings back such sweet memories for me. I remember those times when my best girl friend was called my “sister” and we would play and play and play until someone had to go home. Such a sweet moment caught!

  46. Rach S says:

    #2. love the colors…cute baby too

  47. Jocelyn Lykken says:

    My vote is for #1 Turning Three! It is difficult to shoot in the madhouse that can be a birthday party. In the day & age of affordable DSLRs getting a photo without seeing other people ‘getting a photo’ in your frame can be challenging. Then to be able to capture such a fleeting moment without influencing it? Kudos!

  48. Nancy B says:

    #3 – There is something so heart warming about this picture. Amazing job! All the pictures were great!

  49. Ashley says:

    Aaaahh…you totally made my day MeRah and Brian to see my photo and my baby on here:) Thank you!
    hmmmmmm…I’m going to go with #2!!!

  50. Christi says:

    2. Everyday Beautiful by Ashley Julian in Washington state.

  51. Jamie says:

    #5 Wow great shot!

  52. Davy Goetze says:

    #2 is so beautiful! The colors are so refreshing, I love the footies of the baby’s sleeper, the crackling paint of the chalkboard frame, the retro feel of the highchair and kitchen tiles. It’s just great, it all comes together to look both modern and timeless, simple and intricate, deeply thoughtful and at a glance, sweet! #2 Should win!!!

  53. Sonya says:

    Grandbaby is fantastic. I’m emotional today, and that was the last straw that put me into a crying fit. (good thing) What a gorgeous photo!

  54. […] my goodness I am just walking on air right now! I submitted a photo to be judged on Me Ra Koh’s photography blog. The photos were supposed to center around “Comfort” and tell a story in the background. […]

  55. Veda Penick says:

    # 4 for sure! There is nothing like a grandmother’s heart and smile!

  56. Tina says:

    Oh, they are ALL so great! I really had a tough time between #2, #4, #5…

    But #4 – Grandbaby is my fav! Amy has a unique way of capturing emotions “in motion”, that is to say that a still photo (like #5) can be beautiful, but it takes a keen eye to see the possibilities of a shot while everyone is moving about. #4 is my vote.

  57. Rebecca says:

    #3. Brings back good childhood memories 🙂

  58. Kylie says:

    #4. Love Amy’s style and the timeless image she captured. Such an important moment 🙂

  59. Sandy says:

    #5 Safe and secure! What a story this picture tells!

  60. Misty says:

    definitely #4…nothing like seeing the joy everyone feels with the arrival of a new little one.

  61. Hildegunn says:

    #4 – for capturing a moment so bursting with joy and new life! I love the grandbaby-grandbaby-parents connection, the relationships of three generations in that one shot.

  62. Amy says:

    I feel so honored to see my photo here! I’m going to go out on a limb and say #4 🙂 🙂

  63. Rhonda says:

    My vote is for #4

  64. benjamin says:

    #4 is amazing! good job Amy!

  65. Jeremy says:

    #4 for sure…the timing is just amazing. Great job Amy!

  66. Linda Mae Churchill says:

    I am going with #4. I love how the light from the window shines on everyone and the smiles that you can see on their faces shows the joy for the arrival of the little one. Excellent job Amy!

  67. Kelly says:

    #4!!!! I love it!!

  68. Maya says:

    #3 – They’re all great but this one just hit the “comfort” button… bringing back great childhood memories. 🙂

  69. Stacy Land says:

    #2 – Too cute!!!!!

  70. Amy says:

    #2 Everyday Beautiful for sure! It gave me chills when I read that Beautiful was already written there. Love the colors, love the sun shining on him, love it all.

  71. Brea says:

    #4 — such a beautiful moment captured. 🙂

  72. Heather says:

    #4 gets my vote!

  73. neely says:

    all beautiful photos but #2 gets my vote!!

  74. nicki smith says:

    #4 Grandbaby- What a precious moment captured!

  75. I would have to say #2. everyday beautiful is my vote. I love how the baby is looking onto the floor to find her cheerios! The colors are amazing! I just think that that one deserves to win.

  76. Kathy Jenkins says:

    #3 is my favorite. The girls are beautiful and so typical of best friends. The picture is very well laid out. Just nice!

  77. Tara says:

    #4….it sums up the joy and excitemement of a new baby in one click!! Just gorgeous!!

  78. Summer says:

    I cannot believe I am a finalist! That was so exciting to see my photograph there. But I have to admit, I’m a bit shocked because I think the other finalists have such beautiful pictures. I really love the expressions in #1, and I love the colors and composition in #2, and the joy in #4 and the security in #5….they are all amazing!

    But am I allowed to vote for myself out of sheer shock that mine is in there? If so…#3. 🙂

  79. Jenn says:

    #4 What a great moment! Absolutely beautiful!

  80. Kristen says:


    my littlest is just about this size & the moment captured of him peering over the seat to the floor is just too sweet. Love the mood of the colors & lighting & beautiful on the chalkboard… Perfect!

    Seriously, ladies! All these images are gorgeous. Great job. So many sweet emotions captured. Fabulous job.

  81. Sadie Arnold says:

    #2 Everyday Beautiful by Ashley Julian in Washington state. Truly beautiful!

  82. #2

    Although all are great…. #2 took my breath away! When I scrolled down I said “Ahhhhh” so loud my husband came in the room to see if I was alright! LOL
    It is a CLASSIC and Beautiful it is! The way it was framed, the fact that the little one is not looking straight ahead but down at the floor at whatever he has thrown on the floor…. how could your be a mother and this one just one make you SMILE so big and make your heart warm! I love how the window light is directly on the baby from the window. This couldn’t be better! Again… a complete classic! It makes your heart happy! Composition perfect! LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!

  83. Josh says:

    #2 by Ashley Julien. Love it!

  84. Marie says:

    #2 LOVE everything about his photo…I can barely wait to re create the framed calkboard. I too say “ahhhh” 🙂

  85. Alyssa McPherson says:


    I have seen Amy’s work before and I LOVE it. Amy always seems to capture the moment.

  86. Bonnie Koons says:

    I have to go with # 4. I love this photo because grandma’s awe, joy, excitement, and overflowing emotion is depicted in this photo and is the essence of what every grandmother must feel when seeing their precious grandbaby for the first time. At least I did!

  87. Jen Rockwell says:

    WOW! #4 is an amazing shot! What a precious moment captured for a lifetime!

  88. Ron says:

    Summer did a great job! #3.

  89. Sara says:

    #4 is wonderful

  90. Sunni says:

    #4. What’s not to love? I got all choked up looking at the Grandma’s face. It reminded me of my own mother and mother-in-law when the nurse handed me my baby for the first time. Plus, Amy is really awesome!!!

  91. Amy says:

    #3 really captures the simplicity of young girls and their friendship. The hearts above the two girls were perfectly placed adding more depth and a warmer feeling.

  92. Amy C. says:

    #2 Everything about it is beautiful

  93. Sherry says:

    This was a hard one. There are some beautiful pictures #2 and #5 were my favorites. But I can only vote for one so I am going to have to say #5. I love the little boys hair!

  94. Julie says:

    #3 is my favorite…the rush of feelings and memories it brought out in me was unbelievable!

  95. Kayla says:

    I love #2! This picture absolutely glows!!! He is beautiful and so is this shot!

  96. Meredith says:

    #2!!! Pick #2!!!! I think the colors make the image have a vintage feel.

  97. Alyssa says:

    I know this boy! he is sooo sweet and i love picture 2!!!!!!

  98. s.patel says:

    love them all, but #5 screams comfort!

  99. Connie R says:


    I love the simple beauty in this shot. The colors are great! Frameable! Good handwriting on that chalk board by the way!

  100. Deanna P. says:

    #4 … Amy, you have talent! Wow — such timing, such joy captured — fantastic!

  101. Tammy says:

    #3—— I love how this photo captures the sweetness and innocence of childhood friendship.

  102. Chelsea P. says:

    #2 Everyday Beautiful is my favorite. All of the photos are so sweet and moving, but I like the light coming in from the window shining on the baby, the colors and the simplicity of the image. Thank you for sharing!

  103. Sharon Bluemel says:

    #4 is the one for me!!! Amy has an amazing ability to capture the unposed moment and emotion.

  104. Kristin Bluemel says:

    I vote for #4…awesome talent!

  105. Lynn Schuff says:

    #4 — A touching glimpse of the joyous interaction between the generations!

  106. #3 the sweetness of girls

  107. tracy says:

    #3 … i love this picture

  108. Daniel Roberts says:

    This is a great shot! It captures 3 special moments in one.

  109. #4- captures the emotion of a beautiful moment

  110. Keri says:

    #2….love love the simplicity of this shot, the colors and of course, “beautiful”

  111. Cortney says:

    #3 I think this quietly shows the nervous uncertainty of a new friend ship. Yet the joy in your heart of the connection you feel with a treasured girlfriend.

  112. Mell says:

    #3…Summer you do excellent work. Really a blessing. What a sweet depiction of childhood and simply being a girl

  113. Sandi B. says:

    #3 — What a picture. I can almost step into it. I see two future “soar sisters” sitting there. Brings back such great memories of being young and full of dreams and hopes. Beautiful!!!

  114. David McPherson says:

    #4 I love this photo, it reminds me of the joy of childbirth.

  115. Fawn says:

    #2 I love this photographer’s eye for a good shot! It is in fact “beautiful!”

  116. Jen MacNiven says:

    #5…comfort of a lap, a snuggly pet…so sweet

  117. Tammy says:

    #4……Priceless…..what Grandma’s joy….all in her face!

  118. Juanita says:

    #4 Tells the story on so many levels. It’s just perfect!

  119. Tracy says:

    #4 Amy you are awesome…beautiful picture to go with a beautiful moment…

  120. mummydr says:

    #4 perfectly capturing an amazing moment.

  121. Hanna says:

    I just love the face of the Grandma!

  122. Alicia says:

    #4 – What an unforgettable moment captured perfectly!

  123. sarah says:

    #5- this is sooooo tough, because i also LOVE the second one. but children sleeping with their parents touches my heart like nothing else.

  124. Jane says:

    #5 – nothing says comfort with a cozy background as this image. And it is so beautiful !

  125. Megan says:

    As a mother, there is nothing more beautiful than your child. I absolutely LOVE this picture!

  126. Jill says:

    #4 – A great moment captured forever. Beautifully done Amy!

  127. photo #4…Amy Schuff’s image

  128. Sara Elliott says:

    #4 – Amy Schuff’s – it’s a priceless moment. So much is captured and felt when reviewing this photo…the joy, the love, the wait, the arrival. It’s just beauitful!

  129. Daisy Reyes says:

    #4 – a split moment of joy and comfort as these new parents are congratulated by their own parents. Perfect timing.

  130. Kelly says:

    love that she captured so many emotions in one image. Well done!

  131. Angie D. says:

    #4- Being a mom, I know all too well those feelings and emotions of having a new baby. Seeing Amy’s picture brings back a flood of emotions for me and can feel those same emotions for the family in her picture. Great job Amy!

  132. I LOVE picture two. I don’t know what it is but it makes me feel nostalgic and hopeful and it is just a gorgeous shot. I love it and keep wanting to look at it!

  133. Betsy Luoto says:

    #2 is just gorgeous and reminds me of when my babies were little. The colors are perfect!

  134. Jesse Buttonworth says:

    i am struck by #2!! classic shot.

  135. janessa says:

    photo number 4 🙂 That made me relive my own experience 😀

  136. Anne-Marie says:

    #5 – Comfort at it’s finest!

  137. Christina says:

    #3….Sweeteness of Girls. So adorable, reminds me of past times with good friends 🙂

  138. jeanette says:

    #4. What a capture! I adore the expression and the excitement that are contained in this photograph! Nice job Amy! xoxoxox

  139. Mrs. Johnson says:

    #4. You are amazing, Amy. Grandma’s and Dads get excited, don’t they!

  140. Chris says:

    #4 One of life’s most amazing miracles, and Amy captured it.

  141. #2

    I LOVE this photo! wish I had taken it 🙂

  142. #3 gets my vote! Makes me want to revisit my childhood!

  143. Dawn S. says:

    Amy, you captured so many wonderful emotions. Great job! This is a photo that will be cherished by many generations and for years to come. Way to go!!!

  144. Sarah says:

    3… the use of black and white and the placement makes the photo so innocent and beautiful.

  145. Charlotte says:

    #4 The others are great..but timing is priceless.

  146. Katy says:

    #4……I love the joy it captures.

  147. Michelle says:

    Voting is getting harder and harder with each contest! The images all talk to my heart.

    I went back and forth (a lot) and think I have to go with #2.

  148. Jon N. says:

    #2 gets my vote. It looks like a shot right out of a magazine. Very cool!

  149. Oh, this one was really hard. Sigh. Okay, I am gonna vote for #1 (but #2 was my runner up).

  150. John Schuff says:

    #4 was my favorite. I like the way it portrays a family setting. And that must be grandma smiling at her son or daughter’s child. Black & white makes you focus more on the emotions and less on the clothing worn, etc.

  151. Courtney says:

    LOVE #2. It is amazing!

  152. Alisa says:

    #4 (with #5 a very, very close second)….both these photos really captured the exercise – the backgrounds speak so loudly in each photo. Great job!

  153. Loryn Tuani says:

    #4 What a great shot! It is full of Joy…captured all around in this photo. No better occasion then the gift of birth:) Great job, Amy!

  154. Samantha says:

    #1 I love the combination of a tight shot and a great, emotional background!

  155. Beth Dachenhaus says:

    #5!!!!!! I cherish every nap i get w/ my little one b/c i know that all too soon she won’t want to have anything to do with that…TRUE comfort!!!

  156. Kelly McP says:

    #2. I really like the combination of the muted tones in the photo and the word beautiful. I think we often get caught up by glossy magazine photos and think that in order to appear beautiful, something needs to be bold and bright. Ashley has perfectly captured the truth that beauty is all around us. Beautiful, even the ordinary aspects of life that may lose their luster after awhile, such as when our child has dropped bits of food onto the floor for the last twenty minutes of a meal.

  157. Nalva Reed says:

    Amazing work of art!!!!!! Just love it!!!

  158. sonya says:

    #1 – LOVE this photo…it’s so innocent and right in the moment!! It is a beautiful memory to have captured for your child! love it!

  159. Susie says:

    I have to say #5 is my favorite. I love everything about it!

  160. Heather says:

    #2 for it’s uniqueness.

  161. Holly says:

    #2 is BEAUTIFUL!!! That picture really speaks. My vote is #2.

  162. Bobbi Maxwell says:

    #4 Because it captures so many family dynamics at such a monumental time

  163. Carolina says:

    #4 shows the joy of a new child. Everyone is so happy when a new baby arrives, this picture does an awesome job of showing that.

  164. Kendra says:

    #4 This photo really captures the feelings and emotions transpiring in the room. It’s priceless!

  165. Stacy says:

    #4 for sure!

  166. Lora says:

    #4 – Timeless capture of genuine expression – I couldn’t help but smile along with it.

  167. Robin says:

    Amy’s photo totally nailed what it’s like to introduce a new baby to your friends and family. Good job Amy!

  168. JC says:

    #4 – beautiful picture!

  169. CJRB says:

    #4 – priceless image!

  170. Sophie Hoffman says:

    #4 tells the amazing story of a new life. I love it. 😀

  171. Alejandra says:

    5. Sleeping with His Two Buds by Sara Kelly

    Awesome shot! You’ve gotta love the hair! and you forgot to mention in the post that you can also kind of see the dad’s face which is out of focus in the front!
    Great shot!

  172. Shirley says:

    #4 captured a beautiful moment.

  173. Joseph says:

    #4 for a simple reason: it makes me happy

  174. Josh says:

    #4 is full of smiles. That’s what I needed today. Thanks, Amy.

  175. Nalva Reed says:

    I am definitely voting for Amy Schuff #4

  176. Andrea says:

    #4 – Perfect timing along with black and white capture the true spirit of those witnessing the miracle of a new baby.

  177. Kenneth says:

    #2 What an amazing picture. It just goes to show us that even in the simple everyday things that we do there is beauty all around us.

  178. Kimberly says:

    #4 what a touching scene!!

  179. Shannon Summers says:

    #4 A joyful scene — the miracle of new life!

  180. Chris Whiddon says:

    #3 is amazing! Good job Summer!

  181. Sherie says:

    #4, Amy’s Grandbaby is the most precious photo…I do love the new dad and the new grandpa in the background!

  182. Marty says:

    I like #3.

  183. Linda S. says:

    #5 I just like the softness and sweetness of this photo from Dad’s bald head, to toddler curls and on down to Dad’s toes. So safe, so cumfy, sooooo cute.

  184. Melinda says:

    #5 – I think this one really captures the theme best for me. The cozy comfort of being safe on your dad’s chest with your best 4-legged fuzzy friend close by. I love all the images though. Great entries! Can’t wait for the next contest.

  185. tish says:

    #2 love it but #4 is fantastic as a second!

  186. Holly says:

    #2 – its the simple things in life, where did all the Cheerios go?

  187. Stacie says:

    #4- Nothing says comfort more than being able to hold your long sought treasure in your arms! AND on top of that you get introduce him to the world! Amazing job Amy!

  188. Jen Sharon says:

    #5 was the clear choice for me. The photos were all wonderful, so I went with the one that best fit the comfort theme.

  189. Fatima says:

    number 4 by Amy Schuff gets my vote….it was a wonderful and original picture!! congratulations!!

  190. Edgar says:

    #4 grandbaby is my favorite…..

  191. Jasbond says:

    #4 the background and grandma make this shot, the rest look staged, not a fan of staged photos

  192. Jay Kenson says:

    #4 great b&w

  193. Olly Polly says:

    #4 was the clear choice for me. The photos were all wonderful, so I went with the one that best fit the comfort theme. Amazing job

  194. Bob Shimokaji says:

    #2 I have twins a boy and girl. The photo is a wonderful reminder of life.

  195. ken Bluemel says:

    #4… I love the generations of love that are expressed in this one shot. The focused mom and grandma and the out of focus son and father is masterful.

  196. mirela says:

    It was so hard to pick a favorite, I love them all! #5 will get my vote, because the softness and peaceful feeling in this story is just amazing! The background only enriches the wonderful moment caught on camera, and what can be more wonderful and touching than a sweet child sleeping? I simply adore this shot!

  197. Beth says:

    #4. I too love this photo.

  198. Vickie says:

    #4 I love this photo, you can see the joy and excitement of all family members faces. The beauty of a new life.

  199. Lisa Madruga says:

    Great picture. That towhead id beautiful.

  200. Sabogl says:

    #4 because the timing is perfect.

  201. Laura says:

    #4 Because it reminds me of when my son was born and just that happiness that everyone feels after a baby is born.

  202. Amanda says:

    #4…what an amazing & intimate moment for a family to share and to capture it forever on film, priceless:)

  203. Jennifer says:

    I love #4 it is wonderful such an exciting happy moment you can feel just by looking at the picture

  204. Javier Payán says:

    #4 cute picture!!!……. because this is a wonderfull and special moment!!!

  205. Delia Ustick says:

    I vote for #4, Amy Schuff

  206. Christian says:

    #5 This is the winner Hands done
    The rest are nice but Sara’s captures what the theme was
    Excellent work
    I am hanging this one on my wall

  207. Diane Mintz says:

    #4 Such JOY

  208. Sara says:

    Wow I am so honored to be chosen among all these great photographers! All of the photos are great and capture a special moment, but I guess I’m going with #5

  209. Josh says:

    Classic picture with great depth and colors! Way to capture the moment!!

  210. Sue says:

    #4 Beautiful!! Amy you did a great job of capturing the precious first moments…

  211. Stewart says:

    #5 This Photograph says more than you see at first glance

  212. Fiona says:

    #5captures the innocence of childhood,,,complete trust in the budds.

  213. Alisha h says:

    I loved #3 it brought me back to my childhood.

  214. maria de lourdes mendonça cavalheiro says:

    I loved #4. It’s really a very special day. Great!

  215. Mel says:

    #4!! So perfect.

  216. Christie says:

    #5 – Such a beautiful photo….it just makes me feel good inside. Great job everybody!

  217. Julie Staub says:

    Love them all, but #2 is my favorite. So simple and powerful all at the same time!

  218. Jennifer says:

    #5. I LOVE #4 — but I keep coming back to the layers in #5 and how it just seeps “comfort.” While #4 is stunning and captures pure unadulterated joy — the quiet of #5 resonates with me.

  219. Robin says:

    #5 made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. just a precious photo

  220. victoria says:

    5 is the hands down winner! Its total relaxation, perfectly captured.

  221. Dayna says:

    # 4 – What a beautiful picture, capturing such a joyous moment. Nicely done!

  222. Patricia says:

    #4 This pic will be archived in the soul of this child for an entire life time. LOVE captured on film. It’s not just “cute” like the others…it is a” No words needed” picture! GREAT JOB!!

  223. Rosemarie Seppala says:

    Number 1 is the best, a wonderful capture of life and of children in a special moment in time. It makes you go back in time when you were the child, then as the parent when your own children were in that same special moment.
    Thank you for this Great Shot.

  224. Jenny says:

    I vote for #4. Beautiful!!!

  225. Kara says:

    #1 caught my eye immediately – i LOVE the how the little girl is caught with her cheeks full of air – and right behind her the little boy has equally full cheeks – just in case her first breath of air doesn’t quite do the job =D

  226. kelle says:

    #5 – that kid should be a baby model 😉

  227. Marla-Dee says:

    #3 – This image is simply beautiful. I love how the girls are deep in conversation and the hearts are behind them. This is what friendship is all about! ?

  228. Nicole says:

    #5 – There is warmth not only in the subject of the photo, but in the tone/colors as well.

  229. Alaina says:

    I vote for #1-Turning Three. The picture captures the essence of childhood. This makes me think of my daughter’s 3rd birthday party this past August. Heartwarming!

  230. […] take a moment to vote for my photo on Me Ra Koh’s photography blog! You have until tomorrow (Monday the 22nd) to vote. My photo is #4 titled “Grandbaby”. A […]

  231. Keilah says:

    Wow! I am so surprised! Thank you so much!

  232. Lauren says:

    #5 All are wonderful though!

  233. Genie says:

    #3! Love those hearts!

  234. KarenE says:

    #1 – I love this shot for many reasons – the expressions, the angle, definitely the little helper in the background. But most of all because my 16 year old daughter Keilah captured the beauty of my 3 year old’s candle-moment forever. And that’s what good photography is all about.

  235. Elisa says:

    The anticipation of that held breath makes me draw and hold my own.

  236. Katrina says:

    They are all wonderful but I think #5 really catches the theme of comfort.

  237. Hannah says:

    #1. Keilah is amazing and the picture is beautiful–holds a piece of childlike innocence and whimsy.

  238. Sara says:

    #1 What a wonderful moment to capture on film. I love the little guy in the background,, all ready to help.

  239. KimC says:

    #1. With a houseful of kids including a 3yo, the happy crowd feels like our own home at its best!

  240. Jeananne says:

    #1 Totally love it!!! I think it is great that you are at eye level with Abby!!!!

  241. mike says:

    #1 Great shot!!!! Looks like fun

  242. Bonnie says:

    #1 So cute!!!!

  243. AmyP says:

    #1 – LOVE it! And that cute little guy in the background itching for a shot at those candles is my adorable brother!!! Great job Keilah!

  244. Judith says:

    #5, I am in love with this shot. I have tried so many times to get this shot with my hubby, kids and dog, but never had the right lens. I do now!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  245. Michael says:

    #1 should win

  246. Stephanie Edwards says:

    #1 is my favorite – I love that she captured the little guy wanting to blow the candles. I also love the birthday girl’s “blowing” face – so typical for a 3-year-old. 🙂 Too cute!

  247. Lindsay says:

    #1 – I love it… so cute!!! 🙂

  248. Josh says:

    #2…oops, i forgot to say earlier that #2 has my vote.

  249. […] any rate, Keilah has a great eye and superb timing, and she is one of 5 finalists in a contest on Me Ra's blog right now.  Her photo is #1 in the lineup and is clearly the best, but this contest could be just […]

  250. Debbie says:

    #2. I love this picture because often we don’t see everyday tasks as beautiful until something drastic happens. The simplicity of this photo gets me. Love the chalkboard, the light coming through the window and touching the baby. Great job!

  251. jen says:

    1 – such sweet concentration on both faces

  252. Melody says:

    #1. So sweet! And I love the intentness of both the kid’s faces. 🙂 Birthdays are a big thing for 3-year-olds!

  253. Chickadeeva says:

    I vote for KEILAH. I’ve seen some other photos she’s done – and they all have a haunting quality – they capture a moment and freeze it in such a way you can almost hear the sounds of the background image.

    She deserves the boost both to her courage and her talent! SHE IS THE stand out.

  254. Janet says:

    I vote #4. Maybe because the place I’m at in my life right now but I FEEL the emotion in that picture.

    Love it!

  255. Ruthanne says:

    #1 — I love the close view of the children’s faces. You can see the whole picture at once, which makes it very rich.

  256. Kathryn says:

    2. I love the gorgeous coloring on this one.

  257. Ceci says:

    #5 love it!

  258. Erik says:

    #1 is my favorite for sure. 🙂

  259. Jennifer says:

    #1 is the best! I love both of their faces and the people in the background.

  260. Jare says:

    I vote for #1!

  261. Libby says:

    Whoa, all of those are really beautiful- such talent.

    But I must vote for #1 – the birthday wishers are so darling.

  262. Bekah says:

    I vote for #1–the concentration on the kids’ face is PRECIOUS! And I love how Keilah got down to the little kids eye-level…adds so much to the picture. 🙂


  263. Karen says:

    I vote for #1 I think she has a good eye for her subject and it captures something that we all know and love…

  264. #1. Like you said, the background is perfect and frames the birthday girl beautifully. I also love the candles, how the flames are blown off to the side just like her hair wisps are. Its a beautiful picture.

  265. Ruth Ann says:


    I love the expressions, the setting, the black & white, the children! It’s an adorable shot of a 3 year old’s birthday party ~ a type of shot I would love to get at every birthday party I’m at!!! 🙂 happiness…

  266. Theresa says:

    #1 – Love it.

  267. LadySnow says:

    #1….it’s so precious!

  268. Karrie Z. says:

    #1. Love classic blowing out candles look and the little boy in the back ground! Priceless!

  269. #1….has my vote. She is a very talented photographer.

  270. #1 I love the boy in the background trying to blow them out too!

  271. andrea J says:

    I love #1, although the others are really great also!

  272. Meghan says:

    #1!!! I love pictures of kids birthday parties.

  273. Holly says:

    #1 – so cute!

  274. Shanna says:

    #2 grabs my eye and my heart. The picture tells a story of isolation, if only momentary, as if the baby is looking around to ask the question, “Why am I alone and becuase I am alone am I still beautiful if there is no one here to appreciate me”?

  275. Kristin says:

    #1 – I like the look of wishful thinking as the little girl prepares to blow out her candles.

  276. Cheryl R. says:

    #5 I just think the picture captures the theme that was to be photographed. How much more comfort can be found but to fall asleep safely in the arms of someone who loves you, with your best friend beside?

  277. Cindee says:

    #1. I love the little boy in the background trying to get in on the action and those great 3-year-old cheeks blowing out her candle. Love it! I also like the faint color in the flames. Great pic!

  278. Elizabeth R. says:

    #2 I cannot get past this photo. No matter how much I look at the others, this is just too wonderful. It looks like the cover of a magazine.

  279. Nicole Handfield says:

    #1. I am sucked in to the emotion of the birthday party. Love it!

  280. Sarah says:

    #4 I just liked the joy and comfort of the family in this photo.

  281. Allison says:

    #5 – what a great shot! So caring. I’m sure she had to be quiet to not disturb anyone! I can hear the tip-toeing now!

  282. Lucy says:

    #2 It is lovely.

  283. lynn mccoy says:

    i vote for # 1. I love it.


  284. Jennifer says:

    this photo depicts comfort at it’s finest. there is so much to observe in this photo. It really draws you in.

  285. Sarah says:

    Number #1 is the best! 🙂 Great Job, Keilah!

  286. Anita says:

    #1—it’s loverly!

  287. jean villagio says:

    #1 The kids are so cute. not a posed picture at all

  288. Jaye Jaye says:

    #1 The grubby faces remind me of my own kids. And how perfect to get just a hint of flame, what timing!

  289. Cindy says:

    #4 – what a perfect moment.

  290. Briana Brown says:

    #1, for sure.

  291. Bethany says:

    #4! Such an amazing photo, the photographer captured such a precious moment.

  292. kimberly says:

    #1, I love the little boy’s classic face in the background. It always happens at birthday’s, but you rarely capture it just at the right time.

  293. Olivia T. says:

    #1. I love it, it brings back fond memories. 🙂

  294. Lulu says:

    # 1, it’s soooo cute Keilah!

  295. Karen Hunter says:

    #1…love the little guy in the back!

  296. Corrie says:

    #1, just love the reality of kids’ relationships and friendly “helping” at birthday parties!!

  297. mpp says:

    #5 – i love the peacefulness of the photo

  298. Marni Moore says:


    To capture multiple family interactions, all at different levels is awesome!

  299. Doug says:

    #1… Great Shot!

  300. Rebekah says:

    Number ONE!!!!

  301. Rachel says:

    #3 — Just so sweet and innocent.

  302. Tanya says:

    It’s such a close call, but #5 is my favorite.

  303. Natalie says:

    #5. The composition and coloring is beautiful, and that child is precious!

  304. Marilee Messing says:


  305. Abby says:

    I vote for number 4

  306. Lese says:

    #4 – tender moment never to be captured again..

  307. Lincoln says:

    I pick #4

  308. Jennifer says:

    #4 is the BEST!!

  309. Jason Stewart says:

    #4 –

  310. Cathy says:

    #4 – This is priceless!

  311. Amy S. says:

    #4 Because the look on Grandma’s face is priceless!

  312. Ashley says:


    What a wonderful, beautiful day!

  313. Danielle says:

    # 4, There is nothing more beautiful then the birth of a baby!

  314. Zoe M says:

    #1….love the boy in the background who wants more than anything (i imagine) to blow out the candles & the color of the candle flames.

  315. april ausdenmoore says:

    #1 is my vote. It is a darling picture. They all are great and did a good job.


  316. Cindi T says:

    #4 takes my breath away!

  317. abigail says:

    Go #1!!

  318. Jonathan R says:

    yeah I like the colors in #4

  319. Jenna R says:

    Number 4! Beautiful moment, the grandma is just glowing.

  320. Kelly Fox says:

    #1 love the black and white. love the feeling of “being there”

  321. Sarah in MO says:


    I love the childhood innocence, excitement and joy in this picture! Sweet childhood days. Beautifully done!

  322. Rayne says:

    I love #4. You can almost feel the excitement in the room just by the expressions captured on their faces. It’s beautiful.

  323. shannon says:

    #5. They are all so good, but I love the focus of the little guy on dad’s lap.

  324. Cathie says:

    #1 – wonderful shot, makes you wish you were three again!

  325. Amy says:

    #1 – It’s got the simplicity of concept to keep it from being crowded, but also the
    details keep you seeing something new and wonderful every time you look at it. Plus
    kids are just cute, especially at birthday parties!

  326. Jim says:

    #1 – I love the light of the candles in the center, and all eyes are on those candles. There’s such expectancy. The familiarity and simplicity of a child’s birthday party conjures memories of childhood and brings the viewer right into the scene. I love that the picture is in B&W. It allows the vitality, anticipation, and wonder of children be on stage … rather than any vivid colors of the scene.

  327. Karen says:

    I love #3

  328. JenC says:

    #1 – Anticipation. Determination. Excellent timing, just before the candles are blown out. You can tell what comes next, not b/c you know the candles will be blown out (obviously) but b/c you can just imagine the little girl’s wish! Love it all!

  329. megan vanderwal says:

    I vote #4! It takes me back to thay exact moment with all three of my boys’ births! Amy is soooo talented

  330. Nicholas Richard says:

    I love #4!! Gets my vote.

  331. RSong says:

    Vote for #4! Love Amy Schuff’s photo! Wonderful photo taken at the perfect time;not easy to do! Love her work! 🙂

  332. Erika says:

    #4 – I have a new baby and this photo made my heart melt thinking about a similar moment in my life. Amazing.

  333. melissa says:

    #4 Amy’s photo is beautiful

  334. ula says:

    #4 i love this photo! well done Amy c:

  335. Renee says:

    #4 – It holds so many emotions

  336. raeh raeh says:

    #2 all the way…simple and oh so sweet.

  337. Analise says:

    Amy, you are amazing! Every singly picture you take I love. And this one is priceless. Love you!

  338. Sara says:

    #4 I love all of the joy and emotions you can see in every person in this photo. What a happy day!

  339. Shawn Lockhart says:

    #4 Is a great moment to capture. Perfect timing in getting everyone Smiling and so happy. Family memory that will be forever remembered.

  340. Wendy Lockhart says:

    #4 The Picture reminds me of the time of my little babies. Oh the Joy! Great moment to preserve. It shows so much joy!

  341. Jojo says:

    #5 – i love the colors and the composition. (I think I may be a few minutes shy of midnight Monday the 22nd PST? I’m Tuesday almost 4pm Taiwan Standard Time, so I’m not sure – worth a shot, since I really like #5!).

  342. Carrie says:

    #4 all the way. Nothing replaces that first moment of pure joy with a new little life.

  343. Marnie says:

    #1 – I love how she captured her sister blowing out her candles, not easy to do.

  344. Megan says:

    #4 has my vote. I am also a new Mommy. . .the love and excitement caught in this shot brought tears to my eyes and took me back to the moment we first met our daughters. Beautiful shot. . . what a great memory caught.

  345. Tracy says:

    #1 birthday surprise. I love how the details are so clear behind her and add to the theme of the picture. The little boys cheeks are precious as is the birthday girl.

  346. Vera says:


    so sweet in so many ways.

  347. Laura says:

    #5 is so beautiful, it took my breath away.

  348. #2 – love it. what i love is the spilled food on the floor. as a mom, i can go through my days seeing only the messes, the extra work kids inevitably bring to the table. but when i stop and survey the messes, i need to see through the lens of THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. THIS IS PRECIOUS. these moments will be gone in a flash… and i will miss the beautiful moments AND the beautiful messes and messy kids.

  349. Elizabeth Hall says:

    I vote for #4 – Grandbaby! One of the first and one of the best moments of being/becoming parents! Love it!

  350. Patti says:

    #1 – don’t know why, I just love it, and that’s all!

  351. Anna says:

    # 4 soooooo cute

  352. #2 Everyday Beautiful…I just love this capture Ashley, it’s so fresh and pure. It inspires me to look around my life and see all the simple beauty all around me everyday. Great job everyone…every single picture has captured the story of such sweet and precious comfort!

  353. Jamie says:

    #2. Precious. I love the combination of the large, shabby chic chalkboard & retro highchair… As Moms, we’ve all been present for this state of affairs, and usually we just see the mess our little one is making. I love that baby is looking down at the food he’s thrown on the floor.

  354. Eileen says:

    number 1. I love the puff of her cheeks, and the boy trying his hardest to encourage her by blowing from behind her.

  355. Jenn says:

    #3! Beautiful and I love that the background enhances the sweetness.

  356. Roberta says:


    I love the way she captured the birthday girl and the life of the party surrounding her. The little guys face is priceless too.
    Each of the pictures are precious with their own story.

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  358. Beth says:

    #4 has my vote
    Oh, how in the world do I pick only one?!

  359. Sir John says:

    I vote for #1. The moment of capture was perfectly timed.

  360. lewsta says:

    #1 is the best one.. perfectly captured the MOMENT, and the commotion of all around the Birthday Girl is perfectly balanced with the primary focus on our Princess…..

  361. Wendi Solari says:

    This was a tough choice. All wonderful shots. I like number 5 because I feel like that little guy was zonked and literally fell over in place because of his position…and then to see the dog sleeping and dad too…I think they must’ve had a great day together! Besides, I can’t resist photos of sleeping babies. 🙂

  362. Angela says:

    They’re all great, but I DO love #3. So sweet and tender, reminds me of my daughter. The heart shapes with light pouring through. The stuffed animals and bare feet.

  363. Sydnee says:

    #4 All the way!

  364. mindy b. says:

    #5 I love the color and the simplicity of the image. If I could, I’d vote for all five – they’re all amazing in their own unique way!

  365. Susie says:

    #3 for the girls with sweethearts ! Go Summer!

  366. Ranette says:

    I vote for #3. It is such a sweet image of girlfriends, something we women could never do without.

  367. Suzanne says:

    #5. What a sweet photo. There’s nothing like a nap with dad and the dog. I love the background blur.

  368. Sherry says:

    #2 I loved the way the baby is sleeping in the high chair. It is nostalgic.

  369. Chandra says:

    I love #3!

  370. Terri says:

    I vote for #1

  371. Alisha says:

    #3 Reminds me of the innocence of childhood. Something so many girls don’t have today!

  372. Jay says:

    #3 Reminds me of my daughters

  373. laurie hausler says:

    #5. That photo says so much – an afternoon nap, the comfort of family. Just love it.

  374. Ellie says:

    #3 Oh to be a child again!! Slow afternoons sharing all your secrets with your best friend.

  375. Kristin says:

    I love #1! It reminds me of my little sister!

  376. Melissa Keyser says:

    I vote for picture #4. The photograph really captures the feelings of amazment, joy and love when a new little baby is born into the world!

  377. Bryan says:

    #3 gets my vote! To capture the girls in a shared moment without their knowing is priceless!

  378. Kayla says:

    #3 because the girls are so sweet

  379. B.A.T. says:

    3 gets my vote, because the blonde reminds me of my little sister

  380. Brian says:

    #3 because it truly does spell out comfort. What is more comfortable than two little girls sharing their secrets?

  381. Melissa says:

    My vote is for #4. It took me right back to being a little girl.

  382. Michelle says:

    #3. the sweet innocence and diversity of this picture is timeless.

  383. I am voting for #2. Beautifully done!

  384. Hannah Paige says:

    #1! It is a well captured image….great job, Keilah!

    ~Hannah Paige

  385. Gabrielle says:

    I love #1!!! Thats my vote.

  386. Janice Hodge says:

    I had 2 daughters and the sharing of secrets was a big thing in their relationship. This epitomises that friendship.

  387. Kristen Fergeson says:

    #4 for sure. What a great moment to capture!!

  388. Genie says:

    We’re hearing some are still having a problem, darn! It’s being worked on. Good thing I picked Sunday! It’ll be worked out soon, so check back! 🙂

  389. Laura beth says:

    #3. Time with girlfriends is always good…

  390. Hannah S. Chen says:

    #3 – it captures comfort and has a greatly purposeful background. Nice work.

  391. Rachel W. says:

    #5! Super adorable kiddo who is clearly so safe and relaxed!

  392. Leslie says:

    #5- Security……

  393. Rebecca from Texas says:

    #1 You’ve just gotta love the intensity in those cheeks.

  394. Joanna says:

    #1 – So sweet!

  395. Kiah says:

    I’m gonna vote for #1. It’s such an adorable shot!

  396. mc says:


    They are all fantastic and so gorgeous. But the spirit and emotion is number one is evocative.

  397. Mrs Soup says:

    #1! It’s such a greatly timed and framed and processed photo!

  398. Erin Trammell says:

    I choose #1. Maybe because I have a 3 year old little girl, I know the intensity that they hold. I love her dirty little face.

  399. Christine says:

    #1. That moment is so precious.

  400. Rose says:

    #1, it’s so adorable!!

  401. Iris H says:

    Love # 2. It’s truly comfortable and beautiful.

  402. marie says:

    # 4… is more than a moment in time… tells a story……it makes you want to stay a while and look around.

  403. julie says:

    #5. What a beautiful capture of the relationship between father and son…and dog!

  404. Jessia says:

    #1 – A captured memory to cherish for life!

  405. #2. I love everything about this photo. So simple, but the word “beautiful” absolutely makes it. adorable!

  406. Janine says:

    #3 This image just makes me smile : ) So sweet ~ it sends me to my happy place!

  407. Bethany says:

    #4 – I love the look on Grandma’s face…so excited to meet the new little one!!

  408. Tessa says:

    #1 – Definitely!

  409. Skye Hill says:

    #4 – The entire story is something we can all relate to, whether we are the new mom, the grandma, the dad or the grandpa. Beautiful!

  410. Christy Barker Johnstone says:

    #4 I’m voting for #4! Perfect timing! Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy and Daddy all sharing that special moment! Great Picture Amy!

  411. Shalom says:

    I vote for #3!!! 🙂

  412. Sue Christianson says:

    I vote for #4! The first thing that got my attention in this image is everything going on in the background, even before I read what MeRa wrote! lol! I love looking at an image and seeing everything that is going on and how much you can capture in one shot. Awesome!!

  413. Debra Pember says:

    I vote for # 3!!! What a great capture on film! A time of sweetness framed just right. Brings back precious memories. Great eye, Summer!

  414. Heafner says:

    #3 I love the innocence of this photograph

  415. Jason says:

    #3 this picture has a great set up. great capture of childhood

  416. Lydia says:

    I pick #1. The little girl’s face is absolutely adorable and timeless, and it feels like you are right there with her. Great job Keilah!

  417. Sara says:

    My vote is for #4 by Amy Schuff. I love the story this pictures tells. You are pulled in & feel like you are there too! Good job Amy!!!

  418. Dan says:

    I’m voting cause my wife told me too. I’m voting for #4. It is a good picture. Congrats to Amy! My wife likes your work. Good luck!

  419. Linda Turner says:

    I vote for #5. This picture is adorable! I love how it zooms in on the little boys face.

  420. Julie says:

    #4! 🙂 Love that the more you look at it, the more is happening.

  421. Melanie says:

    #3. I immediately feel comforted when I see these two little girls having fun in someone’s home. Well done!

  422. Janet says:

    #3 cuz it reminds me of my best friend growing up.

  423. Hannah says:


    That is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  424. Hannah says:

    #1 – There’s something so cute about little kids. And the exsitement of there birthdays. I think Keilah really grabbed a hold of that.

  425. Elizabeth Morgan says:

    #1 The intent look of the birthday girl and boy wanting desperately to help were great.

  426. Cady says:

    #4 – Such a joyous moment captured so beautifully. I love the composition too – it feels like you are peeking into a room full of very happy people celebrating the new life!

  427. Rachel says:

    #1 – Such a great capture! I love the entire composition, and the editing, with the candle flames the only color. And the boy’s “help” is just priceless! Great job!

  428. Nikki says:

    #3 – so precious…this picture just makes me happy! Great job Miss Davis

  429. Rachel M. says:

    #1–Keilah Engstrom’s photo is precious and I absolutely love the little boy’s expression in the background. 🙂
    Great job, Keilah!

    ~Rachel M.~

  430. Lisa says:

    I am so torn, but if I want to win that cute pink camera I guess I have to pick one…
    I am going to go with #5. It could not fit the contest description any better!

  431. Tambra says:

    #4 – The expression on grandma’s face is priceless but then to see dad headed for an embrace in the back ground is the icing on the cake excellent photo!

  432. roberta smith says:

    #5 is so sweet. It is such a comfort image to me to see a daddy and child together.

  433. Grace says:


    Birthdays are sooooo special!

  434. Aimee says:

    #4 ~ I love this moment it’s like a great ending to a good movie! 🙂

  435. Sara says:

    I adore #1, the composition is perfect!

  436. Kristen says:

    Love them all but I’m going with #1. Keilah did a great job of capturing the intensity of the moment. The little one so completely focused on her job at hand and her friend behind her, equally enthralled- so much so that he is “helping” her out. Love it!

  437. Nicole M. says:

    #4 Grandbaby by Amy Schuff
    Maybe it’s because I’ve just been to the hospital to visit friend’s and their precious miracle, but this photo jumped out at me straight away. The Grandmother’s face is so heartwarming but wait there’s an even better story going on behind her. Love it!!

  438. MAUREEN says:

    I vote for #1…..they are all really great though….

  439. #4 Loved the layers to this image. The joy on the grandmother’s face and the expectancy of the hug with that proud grin on the Dad’s face is perfect! They were all wonderful, but this was really special!

  440. Eden-May says:

    #1 – I’m voting for the picture with the birthday girl. I just love the look on the boy’s face!

  441. Natalia D says:

    I’m voting for #1. Great moment captured. The little boy is precious and I love that you can still see the barely lit candles.

  442. Shelly says:

    #1, i just kept going back to this one as i love that little girls expression of urgency to get those candles blown out, like she can see or sense that little boy, maybe her little brother sneaking up behind her all ready to take her moment! The little girl on the other side is patiently waiting for cake gimme cake! yummy yummy cake! and who wouldn’t, with a beautiful comfort food homemade cake with yummy frosting as this one looks!
    Funny though cause the direction of the flame looks as though there might be a secondary blower coming from the right????

  443. danielle says:


    The awestruck look of the new grandmother, the giddy expressions of the men in the back… it perfectly captures how much that baby is loved in just the first few minutes of life.

  444. Rachel says:

    #1. Love the looks on the kids faces, especially the non-birthday boy 🙂

  445. shawna says:

    #4 – this is the kind of moment that makes our lives so wonderful. there’s always so much more going on than we realize, and it’s beautiful to see a moment like this paused forever.

  446. JW Schuff says:

    #4 – I like the three generations shown and think the black & white format makes it unique.

  447. Melanee says:

    #3 is the best!! Go Summer…

  448. Sally says:

    #3 – Reminds me of my childhood best friend. :o) You captured their innocence perfectly! Great photo!

  449. Carla says:

    #3 – girl talk, gotta love it.

  450. Hannah says:

    I love how it’s centered on the grandma, but you pick up on the new mama’s love for her little baby and how proud the new dad is, etc. Just a great family moment!

  451. Gabi says:

    Such an angel face!!!!

  452. #1 cause I always had to beat my little sister to my birthday candle flames.

  453. Lauren Becker says:

    #4. love it!!!

  454. Jasmine says:

    #1 Love it!

  455. Melissa says:

    #4 the pure joy. Looking beyond grandma it’s the joy captured in daddy’s face! Priceless

  456. Heather says:

    #4. I don’t even know if it’s an artistic choice or just how emotional those new-baby moments are!

  457. Kerry says:

    #4 – The timing on that shot is amazing, it just contains so much joy!!

  458. Rebekah says:

    Numer ONE! Great pic!

  459. Sara says:

    #5: Way too cute!

  460. Abbie says:

    #1- I love it because it captures beautifully the emotions and excitement of a little girl on her birthday! 🙂 SO precious! Good job! 🙂

  461. karen says:

    #4 it brings you right into the story making you feel as if you were in the room with them

  462. kay says:

    #3 i love this picture, it reminds me of my sister and i years many ago.

  463. Siobhan Kelly says:

    #5 – Beautiful picture…beautiful boy!

  464. Jessica West says:


  465. Scott says:

    3 – I like how the light behind the sofa makes the hearts glow. A great image of peace, love and friendship.

  466. Jamie says:

    #4 This photograph beautifully captures one of the most joyous occassions a family will experience.The timing was perfect. I love the layering and the classic black and white look. You feel like you are there with them sharing in their happiness!

  467. Jennifer says:

    #4 – I just love the joy on the grandmother’s face and the excitement in the background over the beginning of a new generation.

    That picture just melts me and I love it. Particularly because I had a daughter just recently and it reminds me of that exciting and hearwarming time.

  468. Jessica says:

    #2 I love the simplicity of this image. The everyting looks old in the photo but the baby of course. I also love how the baby is not looking at the camera. I word “beautiful” is a perfect description. I want the chalkboard!

  469. Skye Hill says:

    #4 – The timing and position are a once in a lifetime chance. You couldn’t get this picture this perfect if you posed it that way.

  470. Glen says:

    #4 – What an awesome moment captured forever!

  471. Karen says:

    4 – Amazing!!!

  472. Janice Hedin says:

    Voting for No. 1.

    Beautiful expressions on both children.

  473. Lisa B. says:

    #5- Very sweet photo that totally captures a moment between father and son.

  474. Rachael Tearle says:

    I just love the joy in the grandmother’s face, and the father in the background. Just so amazing!

  475. Jemma Roberts says:


  476. Christie Trinidad says:

    #3 but they are all good!

  477. Valarie says:

    What depth and not a set up shot. You really had to be on your toes to catch all those kids envolvment.

  478. Sonja D says:

    I vote for #4, definitely 🙂

  479. Chris Churchill says:

    #4 A heartfelt moment is felt when looking at this photo. Good Job!

  480. Tiffany Gibbs says:

    #4 What a great moment in life to capture!!

  481. kim treg... says:

    #4 wins my vote! captures the moment!

  482. Dayna says:

    All of these photos are great, but I am going with # 4 – I love how Amy captured the magic of this miraculoys moment!

  483. Jessica says:

    #5 is definitely a sweet sweet photo! Makes me want to take a nice nap too 😉

  484. Michelle says:


    I love how genuine it seems. It captures what that moment feels like.

  485. Rachel says:

    #5, so sweet!

  486. Makenna says:

    #1- I love how Keilah captured the exciting moment before the candles were blown out. I also love how the birthday girl is the focal point, yet how the surroundings are interesting and priceless as well! Great job!

  487. Loretta says:

    I vote #5 Sleep is always good 🙂

  488. Arianna says:

    #4 It’s a Beautiful Photo

  489. Anthony says:

    What a moment to capture!

  490. Michelle says:

    #1—The anticipation in the little girl’s face and better yet is the puckered up, ready to offer assistance look in the little boy’s face in the background. Love it!

  491. Kristin M says:

    #4, the emotion she captured is heartwarming.

  492. Dan says:

    #5 Father and son momment, precious.

  493. Christina says:

    They’re all so beautiful!

    #1 is my favorite. Love the candles just about to be blown out, and the sweet little guy ready to help!

  494. Phillip says:

    #5 Hands down! The depth and the comlexity are there but it is made to look simple. An Awesome shot.

  495. CL says:

    #5 What an incredible photo! One glance for the sweetness, and a long look for the details.

  496. Marcus M says:

    No. 3 is my favorite… quite cute.

  497. Kyle says:

    #3 all the way!

  498. Jessica Kettler says:

    #3. Those girls are so precious. Summer really captured the love between best friends – and that is something every woman can relate to. It inspires me to encourage friendships and allow my own childrens friendships to blossom and grow. Because after all, friends and friendships are what makes life worth living. <3

  499. Debbie Marks kahn says:

    #3–love the B & W reminiscent quality of the photo–very memorable and sweet! Helps bring back memories of when I was little and sat in bed with my sister and talked for hours!

  500. Mary Breen says:

    #3 For Sure!

  501. Mary Grace K. says:

    #3. These young girls remind me that you’re never to young or old to tell each other your deepest secrets. I love the black and white effect, so that you can keep your focus on the girls. The beauty of innocence is very evident here.

  502. Christina Brown says:

    #3 HANDS DOWN!!!

  503. Tatiana Diaz says:

    3 is my choice. That is amazing. It reminds me of my little sister and how much I miss her.

  504. Diane says:

    I love #2. It is the sweetest shot ever!

  505. Ruth says:

    #3 because I love the photo

  506. Freida says:

    #2 — I love the artistic feel of it. Fantastic image.

  507. Lettie Hoots says:

    I pick #3 because I see best friends talking and laughing. And the hearts on the wall brings it all together! Love the picture!

  508. robin davis says:

    #3 little angels

  509. Shannon says:

    #4 – the joy that comes thru in this pic is awesome…i almost feel like i’m actually in the room with them

  510. Melody H says:

    #4! Definitely tells a story! Amazing.

  511. Jodi Cowl says:

    #5 – Peaceful. Content. A sleeping beauty.

  512. Heather says:

    #4 The joy, the joy, the joy…

  513. Sasha says:

    #1 I love it, Keilah! Great job!

  514. Joni says:

    #4. It makes me smile and get all teary. Great shot.

  515. MJ says:

    #4 – Timing is everything

  516. kelly says:

    #4 – a beautiful moment!

  517. Karen Lewinski says:

    Nothing compares to seeing the first breathes of life. Intimate times…

  518. Karen Lewinski says:


  519. Chrisy says:

    #5 – so sweet!

  520. Nicholas Richard says:

    I vote #4! Love those moments in the hospital.

  521. Monica says:

    off to have a nap

  522. Jamie says:

    true comfort

  523. Javier says:

    #3. Nice picture.

  524. stephanie says:

    #5 Love the subtle influence of the background and the colors in the photo compliment one another perfectly.

  525. Darren says:

    #5, Sleeping with His Two Buds
    the mutual comfort between, dad, little fella and dog – perfect …

  526. andrea deel says:

    #3. Beautiful picture!! It brings back a lot of memories, and the hear cutouts are awesome!

  527. #1
    I just love the little boy blowing with the birtday girls in the back. 🙂

  528. Holly says:

    For sure #2!!!

  529. Celeste says:

    #5 An absolutely beautiful angel sleeping.

  530. Matt P says:

    #4 ABSOLUTE JOY! Good job Amy.

  531. Melisa D says:

    #4 love it-Amy is so incredibly talented

  532. Geran says:

    #4!! It is the best. Totally tells a story.

  533. Tim says:

    #4!!! An amazing picture!

  534. Erika says:

    number 4! Love the daddy in the background.

  535. Irene says:

    #2 is awesome! I get the message and it IS beautiful 😉

  536. Judy says:

    I like #2!

  537. Cyndy says:


    Hard to choose, though…they are all good!

  538. angelina says:

    #3 love it..reminds me of my best friend and how great friendship is.

  539. Heidi Hendrixson says:

    #2 I love it and I see what’s beautiful!

  540. Bree says:

    #5. Sleeping babes are just too sweet!

  541. Rhea Finch says:

    #1 Turning three! by Keilah Engstrom

    I loved how she captured the moment and yet led us into anticipating the joys that would come next. The un-store bought cake and the black and white effect make this picture have a retro mood. Those three children could have been at my birthday party 40 some years ago. Well done, Keilah, in capturing a timeless memory.

  542. Hope says:

    #1 is soooo cute.

  543. Laura says:

    #4 I LOVE it!

  544. Hey! Did you guys ever announce a winner? =D

  545. Joost says:

    #5 Beautiful color, and intimacy!