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7 Secrets for Photographing Toddlers at the Playground by Neyssa Lee

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2. Photograph when the Sun is Low (BEFORE & AFTER). My favorite time to go to the park is after dinner. My family eats early so that when we go to the park most people are eating dinner which means we have the playground to ourselves. Most importantly, however, is that the sun is lower in the sky. I think this is the most important of all of the secrets. When the sun is high, you get harsh shadows and awful color casts on your kids. Notice the first photo below. Although Sawyer is obviously adorable as she is about to go down the slide, the lighting is poor. Her skin looks red from the sunlight bouncing off of the slide, and she has unflattering shadows. Now notice the light in the next photo. The sun is low and only skims the tops of their heads. The faces are more evenly lit and the harsh color casts are gone. By photographing when the sun is low, I am able to capture moments without worrying about harsh shadows or awful color casts!

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  1. laura says:

    neyssa, these are great suggestions. thanks so much. even as a grandma, i often take the kids to the park and i love these ideas. laura

  2. Me Ra says:

    I LOVED this Neyssa!!!! And it’s the PERFECT post to start up again after being in the jungle because life with toddlers is like a jungle without question!!! My favorite is Number 1 and Number 6. Super creative point of view on Number 1, and I just ADORE the story, lighting, composition of Number 6. Felt like you were talking about Pascaline ten years ago. Got to love our strong willed girls! 🙂


  3. Neyssa says:

    Thank you Laura!

    Me Ra, as usual, thank you for such wonderful compliments. I had so much fun capturing the kids at the playground. It is one of our favorite adventures! And yes, you have to love those strong willed girls! They are the best!