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This is so REAL! How to Take Holiday Family Photos When Kids Resist REALITY! Love what Me Ra Koh shares and the Disney episode!

Need holiday photo inspiration, watch my Disney episode, How to Take Holiday Family Photos when Kids Resist (I added those last few words because that’s what made this episode so beautifully authentic!) Read the backstory below on how the kids weren’t feeling this photo shoot as much as mom, and how we fixed that! What […]

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I’ve got a witty 11 year old over here, who has been making her own spoof videos on her mama.  Since I’m always creating content on how to make things easier for moms with cameras, Pascaline’s premise is how “easy looking” photos are actually really hard to take.  Her last episode was so funny, I […]

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Me Ra Koh Teams Up with Disney Baby to Inspire New Moms

Exciting News!!!  Brian and I are CRAZY excited to share a special project with you!  We had the honor of being invited by Disney (YES!  DISNEY!!) to teach Photo Tips on capturing your baby’s story! DisneyBaby is running a HUGE photo contest called “Little Characters” for babies 0-24 months with grand prizes awarding thousands of […]

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In case you missed my last photo segment with The Nate Berkus Show, here it is!  A few quick, easy photo tips for anyone to use–regardless of how small or big your camera is! It’s been a complete honor to be Nate’s Go-To Photo Expert for the last two years.  His show is over but […]

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As a thank you to the military for all they give, especially the sacrifice to be away from home this time of year, I twittered a call out last week for military families to be my models on Seattle’s morning show, New Day.  My hope was to bring a little more awareness to these special […]

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I’ve got to introduce you to some pretty awesome mamas and babies! A few weeks ago, I was given the honor of demonstrating some of my favorite photo-recipes from Your Baby in Pictures on King 5 news in Seattle!  But the best part, I got to have mamas and their babies come on set and […]

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