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We love being professional photographers for a living, but there are ups and  downs to travel photography. Get a candid look inside our life.  The whole family will be entertained! This episode has something for everyone! Baby turtles, sharks teeth and a surprise for the kids, plus travel photography tips for parents! Sunrise photography is […]

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If you ever find yourself next to a hungry giraffe… These are five tips to feeding a giraffe that I learned hands-on!  It was an AWE-some experience at the San Diego Safari Zoo Park! 1.  Use ZooGoo (hand sanitizer) on your hands. 2. Have the single leaf you are feeding in one hand. 3. Hide […]

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Nothing beats taking the kids camping! Yes, you have to take three showers to get the campfire smell out of your hair, and you freeze at night when the temperature drops, and you have nightmares about what things live in the bottom of the outhouse toilet–then your daughter drops her flashlight down there because she […]

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This was the most unexpected winter family trip of a lifetime! Rocky Mountain Pizza, log cabin in the mountains, 16 ft of snow, I could go on and on! Let me show you! Think about a time when you met someone(s) in your life, and they blew you away with their unexpected generosity. These are […]

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