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unexpected gift in Angkor Wat

After we left the orphanage in Phnom Penh, we flew to Siem Reap to explore one of the seven wonders of the world with our cameras:  Angkor Wat.  We had been so involved with the orphanage, loving every moment, that we forgot to book a hotel in Siem Reap.  So there I was, sitting in […]

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Family Travel and Photography Tips for Cambodia by Me Ra Koh

I had to share part of my devotional today.  It’s a beautiful piece of encouragement from The Artist’s Way.  If you needed to hear this as much as I did, post a comment and let me know you are out there.  Whether your an orphan in Cambodia shooting from a Tuk-Tuk with a dream of […]

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Teaching a photography workshop in Cambodia to teens at Water of Life orphanage by Me Ra Koh.

We had one day for teaching a photography workshop in Cambodia with the teens at Water of Life orphanage.  When we hit the point of no one knowing a word for aperture in Cambodian, I felt the freedom to really drop the technical jargon and just go for it!  LOL! And so we did!  The […]

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Water of Life orphanage is saving children and teens in Cambodia. Me Ra Koh met them by accident on her family travels and shows you an inside look.

Our hearts were so moved by the little ones at Water of Life orphanage in Cambodia.  It’s hard to imagine that babies are sold for $10 on the streets.  Randy and his team do their best to bring in as many children as they can fit and feed.  Each day is a faith walk.  Sometimes […]

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flight that almost crashed

He was sitting next to me.  The plane was headed to San Diego.  It was the middle of December, and I felt so exhausted I chose not to introduce myself—just close my eyes and rest.  Little did I know our new friendship would lead to one of our best family travel adventures! But first the […]

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