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becoming a beginner again, Me Ra Koh

I’ve never done anything like this before.  This project scared me, inspired me and stretched me beyond words.  It took me four months to complete.  It’s been a process of becoming a beginner again.  This is Cole, a surreal portrait of a young writer with a powerful gift. Cole is one of my favorite people […]

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Seattle Hipster Baby Photo Shoot, Me Ra Koh

I just love a baby photo shoot! With great joy, I introduce baby Lucy. This is her story. For starters, this is a darling Seattle hipster baby photo shoot and possibly the sweetest one (EVER) because her little family is simply ADORABLE!    Just look at their cozy home.  It has Seattle style all over […]

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Wedding details are just yummy to look at!  My cousin, Gina Sook, is the master at details!  Not only was she the most beautiful bride, but her wedding was full of elegant farm wedding details!  Brian and I weren’t the wedding photographers for her wedding, but like I said on Facebook “old habits die hard”!  […]

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Remember the SONY Photo Challenge/Contest I mentioned a couple weeks ago? It’s a contest around capturing the theme of the upcoming election.  You can be as exact or “out of the box” as you want. Well, we asked the kids what ideas come to mind for them.  As they brainstormed, we wrote all their ideas […]

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We are back from LA, and it’s time to reconnect with my kiddos.  But here are two of my FAVORITES from this week’s film project.  I shot these after we were done filming and baby was fast asleep on dad’s chest. It was a spontaneous moment with mom and dad unaware at first of my […]

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Today I get to blog on behalf of Me Ra who is taking a deserved rest after working so hard yesterday.  She’s got a special project to share with you real soon!  For now, that’s all the details I can share, but I thought you’d enjoy seeing her in action!  I can’t believe we got […]

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