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photographing beauty on the spectrum by Me Ra Koh, Dallas Frisco Family Portrait Photographer

Scarlett walked into our studio and came right up to me. ??”I’m not sure what I think about this photo shoot.” Her eyes darted around taking in every detail. “And I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing,” she added then walked away. ??I loved her at once…

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Mother's Day Luxury Gift Certificates for an unforgettable photography experience with Me Ra Koh Portraits.

Unforgettable Mother’s Day Gift — Dallas Family Photographer — Me Ra Koh Portraits Before the Coronavirus, Brian and I were working on a special video to celebrate moms. We wanted to offer an unforgettable Mother’s Day Gift. Now with all the uncertainty around us, this video and promotion couldn’t feel more timely. No matter how […]

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Ben if 14 years old. Hear how he flipped the script to overcome fear. I also share a list of my favorite actions for defeating anxiety.

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Stephanie struggled with infertility for 10 years. Regardless of what pain you carry, her story of finding wholeness in infertility will give you hope.

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There are three questions to ask yourself when deciding where to display wall art. One, what do you want to feel every day, every time you see it? Two…

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How Families Connect - Me Ra Koh Portraits, Dallas Family Photographer, Frisco, Prosper, McKinney, Photography Studio

How Families Connect – Dallas Family Photographer – Me Ra Koh Portraits I love to figure out how families connect. Every family has their own personal touchpoints where laughter, joy and safety thrive. As the kids get older, these touchpoints may evolve or stay the same. For this dad and daughter, it has stayed the […]

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