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Do you risk shaking up all that is known and familiar to follow a gut feeling? Move beyond myths to discover the process of committing yourself to your art. by Me Ra Koh

As we allow our art to evolve, we give space to grow beyond the limitations we can struggle to hide behind. The risks and rewards of committing yourself to your art become almost overwhelming. To start is one of the bravest steps we ever take. If you struggle with multitasker tendencies, you know the angst […]

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creative exercises to end the year, Me Ra Koh

Today is about setting you up to finish the year strong with 4 Creative Exercises to End the Year! It’s hard to believe we are in the last days of the calendar year.  I often find myself in deep reflection during the last week of the year, as I’m sure many of you do.  While […]

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To those who worry, fear and doubt. Not all hope is lost.

If you worry, fear, and doubt, you are in good company. Fear and doubt are like old, unwanted companions. Some mornings I feel like I wake up to them sitting on the edge of their seat, ready to tell me all their new thoughts, new fears, new doubts, that I hadn’t thought of the day […]

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I’ll never forget a certain dinner with my business mentor.  We were discussing some big decisions that were looming over me.  I told him I was afraid to make the wrong decision: the consequences of choosing the wrong thing felt overwhelming.  He looked at me with kindness and said “Me Ra, not falling is still […]

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cast your cares

Cast Your Cares – Overcoming Fear – Dallas Speaker & Author After the many responses and comments from last week’s post Surviving as an Entrepreneur I was reminded of how many of us are facing fears and stresses that often leave us feeling isolated. The encouragement to cast your cares is something we know in […]

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If your creative well is empty, you have to check out this course that Me Ra Koh offers on steps to replenishing your creative spirit!

Surviving as an Entrepreneur – Overcoming Fear – Dallas Speaker & Author I can’t decide whether this post would be more appropriately titled Surviving as an Entrepreneur or How to Survive When You Feel like You’re Crashing. Let me explain and you can decide. Being empty seems to hit us when we least expect it.  […]

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