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overcoming your greatest challenge can feel like you're riding into an ominous storm, but there is a path. This is about overcoming fear.

Overcoming your greatest challenge can feel riding into an ominous storm.  (shot with SONY a7r) Overcoming your greatest challenge is essential to dream building.  But what is the greatest challenge?  To build your vision is to engage in a process of many steps.  Are there steps that are harder than others?  Absolutely.  It’s a long […]

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turns thirteen

On this day, the first day of spring, my Pascaline turns thirteen. She is a writer, weaving a magical story in a land far away–typing as fast as she can to keep up with her thoughts for almost an hour a day. And her sense of fashion…it astounds me.  It’s not from me! No, she […]

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For the October blog circle, our CONFIDENCE Teacher team is bringing you 10 Ways to Capture Comfort!  If you missed last month’s theme on Transition, I encourage you to check those blogs out and read the beautiful prose the women wrote.  Wow, their words AND photos filled my soul.  I can’t wait to see what […]

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dream linking

I’ve come up with this new term that I’m calling “dream linking”.  You start with one dream, not sure of where it will lead, and eventually it links to another dream.  But the only way to experience dream linking is to start with the first initial dream–no matter how big or small.  So here it […]

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Brian and I are back, rested and READY to dive into a brand new chapter of our life! When you travel a lot for work, it’s so hard to take even more time away for R&R.  But thanks to the most amazing grandparents to watch the kids, Brian and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary […]

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If you have ever been hurt by an authority figure, you often think twice when you hear the word submission.  The abuse of power and authority seeds a struggle with submission for most of us.  What strikes me most is how this struggle can directly affect my own trust in God.  (Forewarning, I’m going to […]

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