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Ben if 14 years old. Hear how he flipped the script to overcome fear. I also share a list of my favorite actions for defeating anxiety.

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Stephanie struggled with infertility for 10 years. Regardless of what pain you carry, her story of finding wholeness in infertility will give you hope.

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There are three questions to ask yourself when deciding where to display wall art. One, what do you want to feel every day, every time you see it? Two…

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How Families Connect - Me Ra Koh Portraits, Dallas Family Photographer, Frisco, Prosper, McKinney, Photography Studio

How Families Connect – Dallas Family Photographer – Me Ra Koh Portraits I love to figure out how families connect. Every family has their own personal touchpoints where laughter, joy and safety thrive. As the kids get older, these touchpoints may evolve or stay the same. For this dad and daughter, it has stayed the […]

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How to help your kids survive college rejections.

Helping Your Kids Survive College Rejections – Meditations – Dallas Speaker & Author For nine months, life has been about helping your kids survive college rejections. Pascaline has had quite the journey filled with pain, confusion, disappointment and unexpected reward. We moved Pascaline into her dorm room weekend before last.  She is one of three […]

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We wanted to create a special surprise for a military mom. Watch her surprise video below! Jacque’s husband is deployed to the Middle East. She has two little ones and said she needs evidence on her walls that she is a good mom, doing a great job. No matter how tiring and long the days […]

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