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Back to Basics: 3 Essential Storytelling Elements

Me Ra Koh

Pop quiz!

What are the three essential storytelling elements that you’ve heard me talk about for years? 

If you guessed; Setting, Defining Details and Conflict…you win!

I love how photography can offer us endless things to learn.  But I LOVE EVEN MORE how the basics never grow old.

Whether I’m in Egypt photographing the kids, doing a photo shoot or filming a new episode for Disney Junior’s Capture Your Story, my creative process is always looking for these three elements.

Over the weekend, our little family did some Spring gardening and weeding.  Click here to see how I weaved the three basic storytelling elements into a simple (but FUN!) photo story of us gardening together.

This is one of my favorite moments; Pascaline hauling away the pruned pear tree limbs.  There were so many, you couldn’t even see her head.  🙂

hauling pear tree

There is much change in the air right now with school getting out and summer schedules starting up.  Change can often feel overwhelming.  Take some time to let your creative spirit exhale this week by picking a single story that you can tell with your smartphone using the three basic elements of storytelling.  I’d love to see them on FB if you want to share them with me!



  1. Me Ra Koh says:

    Favorite photos from having the kids help us with Garden Clean Up over the weekend! Family that weeds together, stays together! 🙂