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15 thing to do in Venice Italy

15 Things to do in Venice – Family Travel Inspiration for Your Future Trips Join Me Ra and Brian for 15 Things to do in Venice, Italy from how to ride the gondolas and pay 75 cents or 75 euros to taking photos at night of the Grand Canal on Rialto Bridge to exploring the […]

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Best Way to Organize Photos, Me Ra Koh

But after years of trial and error, Brian (my AWE-mazing husband and also an award winning photographer/cinematographer) has truly found the best way to organize your photos. Let me give you a little history on how he discovered the best way to organize your photos.  Trust me, it wasn’t overnight.  Before we had our photography […]

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Today I get to blog on behalf of Me Ra who is taking a deserved rest after working so hard yesterday.  She’s got a special project to share with you real soon!  For now, that’s all the details I can share, but I thought you’d enjoy seeing her in action!  I can’t believe we got […]

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Get your copy of “Your Baby in Pictures” today locally or online. Just follow a link below!                      

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Before reading on, this is a disclaimer. Nothing said in today’s blog has been reviewed by Me Ra and may or may NOT be her opinion. All of the words and pictures used are without her authorization, and may be frowned upon for their use without her consent. If you continue to read, please do […]

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Me Ra spoke too soon yesterday. This is her Husband, Brian. Last night after posting her blog and after dinner, she went to bed with her whole body hurting. No, not throwing up, but she’s got the same thing as the kids. This morning, she felt well enough to let me know I was in […]

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