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Celebrating the Most Beautiful Genie!

Me Ra Koh

Every time we hold a CONFIDENCE Workshop a number of the women tell me in all the months leading up to the conference, Genie blessed them beyond belief.

(Isn’t she gorgeous! Photo by Julie Watts)

Who is Genie?

Genie not only handles the bazillion different logistics that go into holding our workshops, but she seems to befriend each and every lady who registers!  She remembers their stories, details about their life and in a phone call or email becomes their girlfriend forever. If there are crazy storms in the Midwest, she remembers that single lady in our CONFIDENCE Workshop who is living closest to the storms, and she emails her to check in and see if she is okay.   How does she do it?!

Genie wearing bunny ears at a CONFIDENCE Wkshp!

On top of overseeing our CONFIDENCE Workshops, Genie also helps me with responding to emails.  Every day, we receive the most wonderful, heartfelt emails from so many of you.  If I’m not able to respond, Genie is there to email every single person back so you know your words have landed with us and are treasured and appreciated.  So many people have responded with surprise, saying they never expected to hear back from anyone and then Genie surprised them with the sweetest response.  That is our Genie!

A few years ago, I knew I needed someone to join our team who would help extend a virtual hug, word of encouragement, or even a simple “great job” to our growing community.  So much of what Me Ra Koh Media is about is loving on you, cheer leading you, laughing with you, and recognizing the courageous steps you take (regardless of how small or big) toward your dreams.  I started praying for someone who would help enrich the experience women have as they come into contact with us.  It’s a tall order, and I had no idea how I’d find this person.  But it’s amazing what happens when you voice your desires.  Genie and I met at a women’s leadership conference in San Francisco through the Wisdom Connection.   I fell in love with her and asked her to join our crazy team.  She said yes, and the rest is history.

I love this wonderful wise and giving woman with all my heart.  She represents me and what my heart’s mission is with such incredible integrity.  She works with Brian to keep things moving forward, and she often checks in on me like an older sister looking out for her younger sister.  I am so honored to have her on our team, as a part of this family.

In one sense, I don’t know what we’d do without her.  But that sentence feels like it only acknowledges the work she does for us.   It’s “how” Genie does the work.  It’s the way Genie enriches our company.  She makes our work, our mission, so much more rich and potent.  She brings her whole self to the table.  And that is the gift that I treasure beyond measure.

Genie, with June being your birthday month, I want to take a moment on the blog to honor and celebrate the wonderful, beautiful gift that you are to me and Brian.  But from all the emails and workshop responses, you are clearly not just a gift to us but to countless women in this community.  Thank you so much for being generous in spreading your “Genie magic” on all of us.  We are all better people for it.

We love and adore you girl!

Me Ra and Brian

*Leave Genie a special birthday message today!*

If you are one of those lucky women that have been blessed by Genie’s personal touch, will you leave her a special note in today’s comments to celebrate her?  Thank you!

I couldn’t resist!  Little did you know, Genie loves to hula and PERFORMS!  I found this little snapshot on her FB page.  🙂  So darling!!  Even though the photo is blurred, she is still GLOWING!


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If you are planning to join us this Fall for our CONFIDENCE Workshops, make sure you register this week to get the Early Bird Discount Price of $799 vs. $999.  If you’d like, you can also break up the amount into payments.  Click on one of the four Fall CONFIDENCE Cities for more details!


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*If you are a CONFIDENCE GRADUATE, we’ve only got TWO spots left in our Photo Coaching Intensive, 4 hr. Workshop, this Wednesday!  It’s in Seattle.  CLICK HERE for details!



  1. BreAnna says:

    Genie- It’s always been such a joy receiving your email replies. Although we’ve never met or even talked on the phone, I feel like your personality shines through each and every message! You are so sweet and thoughtful and I hope your birthday was absolutely wonderful!!

  2. Karen Champlin says:

    Genie~ My first connection with you was just after I was introduced to Me Ra Koh Photography through The Nate Burkus Show. You responded to my email with such amazing kindness and allowed me to share my heart with you! What a wonderful gift! Your beautiful smile shines through in everything you do! Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help me out and for all the wonderful things you do for this whole community of women! Hope you have a fabulous “Happy Birthday” all year long!!!

  3. Jamie says:

    Happy birthday Genie!!! You are the sweetest person on the phone, so personable, easy to connect with and just down right friendly! I never once felt like a stranger on the phone (how do you DO that?) Thanks so much for doing all that you do… the confidence workshop in Orange County was SO awesome right down to the great little Thai place you sourced out for our dinner on Saturday night.

  4. Raelene says:

    Happy Birthday Genie!! Thanks so much for all you do to take care of all us ladies attending workshops! You are very much appreciated, hope you have an amazing day!

  5. Rhonda says:

    Happy Birthday Genie!!! I had no idea our birthdays were only days apart – no wonder I like you so much 🙂 I pray you have an AMAZING day today. You definitely deserve it. xoxo

  6. Sara says:

    Happy birthday, Genie! Thank you so much for everything you do to create amazing events that are changing lives!

  7. Lori says:

    Wishing you all the best Genie! Thanks again for all your assistance in getting me registered for one of the upcoming Confidence workshops. You informative, enthusiastic and detailed response has got me counting the days! I hope to meet you this fall at the workshop.

  8. Beth says:

    Sending you warm thoughts for your wonderful day.
    In getting ready to attend a confidence workshop, you once sent a kind word to me at a time when I was feeling nervous and vulnerable. It made the process just a little easier. Thank you, and bless you and your giving spirit.

  9. Jill says:

    Genie….Hau`oli la Hanau
    from your favorite state. I hope to be blessed one day to meet you in person.
    Love an light.

  10. Claudia Constantino says:

    Happy Birthday Genie! Hoping that the upcoming year brings you all that you wish for! xoxo

  11. Katie Jordan says:

    Happy birthday, Genie! You are fabulous, and your smile is contagious.

  12. Natalie Johnson says:

    Genie, Seeing pictures of you just makes me smile:) You are just so darling! I hope you have a great birthday month and I hope more of your dreams are fulfilled this next year. Happy Birthday!!

  13. Cathy Mores says:

    Happy birthday Genie! Hope you can bask in the joy that you bring to everyone around you on this day and throughout the year! xoxo!

  14. Sarah C says:

    Cheers to you Genie! Exchanging emails with you is like finding a pal with a big grin on the other end. Your genuine interest in people their stories and ability to read between the lines creates a kindship that is so welcoming. Your spirit shine throughs. Hope it’s a fantastic bday!

  15. Kayla says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have an amazing day

  16. Hanifa says:

    Happy Birthday Genie! Cheers to you and all that you do for us! Enjoy your day and may your year be filled with joy and love.

  17. pamela says:

    Genie, I don’t know you, but am amazed at all you do. I took a workshop in Chicago a few years back & loved it. Also, a friend was a model for a workshop and loved all of her interactions with you & MeRa. They are SO LUCKY to have you. We all know none of the glorious stuff can happen without stellar behind the scenes work. Your work blesses so many.

  18. kara s. says:

    Genie! Happy birthday! Thank you for all you do and for fun and cheery emails always! Have a great year ahead!

  19. Addie says:

    You helped to make Chelsie and I feel oh so welcome and at home at Me Ra’s San Francisco Discovery workshop back in 2009. Since that time we have continued to learn and grow on our own within this wonderful thing called photography. But I feel like your warm heart and wonderful soul was part of the “miracle grow” on our creative garden. You helped to create that safe and loving atmosphere for all of us at that workshop. And because of that, we were all able to cut loose our creativity which expanded our own little worlds so very much. That, my friend, is as important a part of these workshops as anything. Because, while Me Ra and Brian, Garrett, and Rick sailed us through new territory, you were the constant flow of soothing waters that carried us all through to the other side.
    It was an honor and a privilege to meet you and I wish you the richest and warmest of blessings for your birthday.

  20. Karen says:

    Happiest Birthday Wishes to YOU, Genie!!! You are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside 🙂 Hope you are having an awesome day!!

  21. jenell tamaela says:

    Happy birthday to a truely wonderful person. Thank you for being a contact to MeRa and helping her have an amazing business.

  22. Michelle says:

    Happy happy birthday, dear Genie!!!!!! You are such a beautiful soul that emits nothing but love!!! Thank you for sharing your smiles and love with us!

  23. Lakeicia says:

    Happy Birthday Genie, I share Me Ra’s sentiment in that you remember our stories and help to cheer us on. Thank you for your sharing your gifts with us, we are so blessed to have you on our team. 🙂

  24. Cathleen Woodbridge says:

    Happy Birthday, Genie! It’s so cool that think about how many love you and have never even met you in person! That is why you are so special. You make others feel loved over the air waves, the internet, the phone, and any other possible way. That takes a special gift and YOU have it. I talked with you for the DC10 workshop. You were so delightful and helpful. You did everything you could to help get my sister to the workshop. And she made it! Your sweetness came through and sweetened my days. You are so helpful and caring. What a gifted treasure that we all cherish whether we have met in person or not. Thank you, Genie. You are a blessing!! Much love back to you. God bless!!

  25. Molly says:

    Happy Birthday, Genie! You helped arrange for my family to be models for the last two DC workshops, and you made me feel so welcome even though that first one was very last minute. Your warmth and genuine spirit comes through even to those you’ve never met. I hope you have a great day!

  26. Sarah N says:

    Happy birthday, Genie!! When I was expecting to just go over some business related to a Confidence workshop, you gave me great advice about healthful eating and my baby’s reflux! I was surprised and so touched that you took time to listen and give me some great recommendations.

    Have an AWESOME day!

  27. Sharon says:

    What a fabulous tribute to Genie! Great photos, Genie you look so cute. And you are just as sweet as Me Ra said. I so enjoyed meeting you last fall. Who else would invite would invite a stranger to share her sleeping space?! You were so gracious – Me Ra and Brian couldn’t have found a more perfect person. Happy Birthday, hula girl!

  28. Jeri says:

    Happy Birthday Genie. God Bless You as you have blessed so many others.

  29. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!! You are such a blessing and such a sweetheart – thank you for everything you do to help MeRa and all of us! I hope your day has been spectacular and full of love.

  30. jeramy says:

    genie!!! you are a jem. glad to call you friend. enjoy your birthday!

  31. Me Ra says:

    genie, you can look now. 🙂

    girl, you are sooooooo loved!


  32. Judith I says:

    Happy Birthday Genie!!!! You are the best!!!

  33. Charisse says:

    Happy Birthday Genie! You truly are like a magic little Genie, popping up at just the appropriate moment with words of wisdom or arms of love to encourage all that you meet. I am blessed to know you! You walked into my heart and spoke life into me when I least expected it. For that, you will remain in my heart. I pray your birthday was even more special than you are. You absolutely deserve it!

  34. Genie says:

    Basking quietly in the WOW-ness of all the beautiful acknowledgements….

    Awhile back Me Ra asked me for images and I gave them knowing she was going to do something. But the thing is, even with my upbringing of never knowing quite what my brother might do with something, I fell for it because no matter what, Me Ra shines her wonderful, uplifting light on it. And you just did it again, Sis! How lucky and blessed can I be?

    She told me I couldn’t look at the blog today until she told me – then I was out and busy till now!! 🙂

    Although my mind wants to remember those of you I missed along the way in email response, I do also know that I touched many. And you also touched me. Thank you for being a heartwarming, heartfelt, committed, creative and intelligent community of women AND men (Brian and Jeramy in particular) – always reaching for the next bit of good in your passion of photography and family.

    Chelsie, Addie, Sarah, Karen, Charisse, Judith, Molly, Cathleen, Lori, Jamie, Lakeicia (a fun challenge to remember how to spell your name), and so many more of you (I know you’re out there Jen, Linda and Lindsey) – love to you all and BIG MWAAAAAAHHHHH! You have enriched my life and expanded my heart so very, very much. Love you Me Ra and Brian – and of course the growing Pascaline and Blaze!

    And, yes, call me anytime for health, fitness, nutritional, poison oak, and reflux advice :D! (My mom always thought I could do anything – she may have been right!)

  35. Genie says:

    And a lot of gratitude to Karen and Fay, for introducing us that fateful week! I think there was a bit of feminine wisdom and intuition playing a big part there.

  36. Tresha says:

    Happy Birthday Genie, may this day be the beginning of many more beautiful things. You are a blessing to us all and we appreciate all that you do. Big Big Birthday Wishes!
    Love&Lux, Tresha

  37. Julie Watts says:

    Genie, I love how strong you are.

  38. ali anderson says:

    Genie! You are a gem to us all. Treasured, respected, wise, admired and beautiful inside and out. Blessings and Love to YOU!

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