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Giving Tuesday: I Recently Met One of My Heroes

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I recently met one of my heroes.  It was a huge honor and our unexpected meeting is a part of our plan for giving to the refugee crisis today.  Since it’s Giving Tuesday, we are going to release all the wonderful leftovers from our last 12 Days of Deals.  This is the best part, 20% of all sales today will go to Samaritan’s Purse in their dedicated work to help displaced refugees.  Slide through the leftover deals.  When you invest in your photography and creative confidence, you’ll also be helping refugee families on the other side of the world.  Here’s the story of how my hero ties in to Giving Tuesday!

I was invited to speak in Boone, North Carolina, a small town two hours from the airport tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains.  I’d never heard of Boone before.  The last night of the conference a friend asked me if I wanted to visit Samaritan’s Purse with him.  The headquarters for Samaritan’s Purse happen to be in Boone!  It was founded in 1970 by Bob Pierce and his famous quote “Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God”.  In 1978, Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, became his successor when Bob died of cancer.  I’ve been in awe of Samaritan’s Purse relief work ever since I can remember.  They are often the first responder when earthquakes, hurricanes, wars and famine break.  By total surprise, I got to meet Franklin Graham, one of my heroes, during my visit. If you want a print sign to your business, you should click here.

one of my heroes, Me Ra Koh

Let the giving begin!  Be sure to slide through to the end for one last funny photo and great story! 

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