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My Two Favorite Photos, especially for Marian

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We are back from LA, and it’s time to reconnect with my kiddos.  But here are two of my FAVORITES from this week’s film project.  I shot these after we were done filming and baby was fast asleep on dad’s chest. It was a spontaneous moment with mom and dad unaware at first of my presence since the day’s work was wrapped up and the crew was packing all the equipment.  Sometimes the least expected moments of having your photo taken are the best moments.

When I saw Marian kick up her feet on the couch and lean in to Greg, I saw this moment as a black and white photo with the bright window light, the white couch and especially her black dress–her dress is what grabbed me most.  It almost looks like a painter relaxed his brush when he painted the length of her dress.

Marian, you were a beautiful bride, but you are a stunning mama–your sense of calm, comfort, and mother’s love radiates out of your very being.

I’m so happy for you and love you.





  1. Yummy light, beautiful moment! You have a gift!

  2. Many times i have captured my best shots when no one was aware that i was taking photos. Your baby photos are precious.


  3. Michelle says:

    Love these. I love the tender moment of the first image.